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Slimming Worl Questions and Queries... ?

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mollya94 Tue 10-May-16 14:01:21

Hi all

I have a few Slimming World related questions, I have been doing the EE plan since January and recently got my 1 stone, club 10 and a slimmer of the week awards!

I have a few questions just as my body has been changing, things I have been noticing etc...

My starting weight was 10 stone 6lbs and so far I have lost 16.5lbs which takes me down to a weight of 9 stone 3.5lbs. grin

(22 yo female, 5 foot 6 inches - just for the record)

I am 3.5lbs away from a target weight (9 stone) I would like to go on my holidays (three weeks on Sunday - VERY excited) as I see this as a little leeway to enjoy myself on holiday, keep up with my water intake (I always have to do this if I don't have at least 1.5L a day I get really awful headache, dry mouth and generally sluggish) and will be filling up on my fruits and veg plus protein when I'm away (I will have treats each day plus cocktails I am going to enjoy myself knowing iv done well and stuck to it) - I do generally love the variety of fresh fruit you get abroad rather than getting it shipped to a local store, I always think abroad is fresher, larger and just lovely and refreshing in the hot sun

Anyways, I have a few questions...

1. I know on the plan I am able to drink sugar free squash however to up my intake of water and help flush my system I have been putting sugar free orange squash in my drinks and diluting with water (its helped me aim for at least 2.5L a day) - just wandered is this alright? I know its sugar free and you can drink it freely but is it better to only stick to maybe one litre of squash a day and the rest water?

2. With the spring/summer setting in iv recently discovered my love for omelettes again - I would usually use 1 full egg (yolk and white) then another egg white... this weekend I had two omelettes cooked usual way (in pan with frylight then popped under the grill, HEA cheese added in folded in half and flipped) also packed full of speed but both Monday and Tuesday iv had a little off tummy and finding it hard to go to the toilet (Sorry TMI!!) - is it better to use just the egg whites and stick to 2 only or should I change the way I do my omelettes?

3. I have been cutting my carbs right down as iv replaced them with more veg etc, I didn't realise until someone asked me what I had with Bolognese one night and I replied spinach and added veg and they questioned why I hadn't have pasta/spaghetti - since then I tried a slice of bread and got awful tummy pains, really bloated and sluggish the day after... I haven't had bread (HEB), pasta, rice or potatoes in around 2 weeks now - its done brilliant for my weight losses and sugar cravings have completely been curbed (wasn't expecting that I'm usually a massive chocolate fiend) but with the thought of going on holiday, possibly ordered pasta dishes etc when I'm there... should I start reintroducing small portions of rice, pasta, potatoes etc?
I know my body has adjusted to the SW plan as I had an off plan day on my birthday last month and the next day iv never felt so ill, absolutely no alcohol consumed it was just food but I woke up feeling awful - tummy pains, bloated etc... the thought of this is making me nervous that I don't want to have for example on holiday a slice of toast or packet of crisps, slice of cake and I'm gonna wake up the next day feeling ill and bloated - not a good look in a bikini!! sad blush

I have a little fear now I'm gonna have one day off plan on holiday and the next day feel sickly etc then be stuck on what to have the rest of the time... I don't go and stuff my face breakfast, lunch and dinner but if I fancy the odd ice cream il have it or a packet of crisps/choccy bar and an iced tea...

Sorry for the rambling on just needed to have a little vent - the weight I'm currently at is my lowest that I have ever been and noticed and I don't want to jeopardise that so close to my holidays when I'm 100% focused on the EE plan.

Just wanted any advice or answers to the questions above.

Thank you all so much!

Molly smile

tabulahrasa Tue 10-May-16 15:13:38

I can answer the first one...the other two, I genuinely don't know as I eat eggs and never had an issue and while obviously I eat less carbs on SW because of the third speed, I have never stopped having them.

I do feel rubbish if I go off plan and eat junk though, but I suspect it's just crappy food rather than carbs in particular that do it to me.

As for 1.

I don't drink water, ever, unless I have no choice at all and only then if I've nothing else available until I can get something else. I do drink plenty, just not water, so I can't see why it would be an issue, it never has been for me.

KittyOShea Tue 10-May-16 18:40:05

I'm not a fan of plain water so drink sugar free squash or tea all the time- apart from the milk it's free and it's all liquid so no problems there.

Regarding eggs- if I eat them 2 or 3 days in a row I do get a little bunged up blush so have them 2 days in a row at most then a day off. Doesn't make any difference if it's whites or whole egg just the way my body seems to work.

I always eat my healthy b but sometimes do SP days and forego the pasta/ potatoes/ rice at dinner. Remember you should have your healthy b in some way as your body needs fibre- a lack could be causing your toilet troubles.

I do generally feel a bit off colour when off plan but on holiday usually have a good breakfast and lunch but have what I want for dinner and a few drinks. Okay I generally gain a pound or two on holiday but enjoy myself.
Have a great holiday grin

ChessieFL Tue 10-May-16 18:40:12

Agree that there's no issue having squash. I can't answer the others as I don't have trouble with eggs or carbs.

emwithme Tue 10-May-16 20:04:52

Another one here who doesn't drink plain water. I hate the taste. I have coffee in the mornings, fruit tea in the afternoons and squash in the evenings. I get through about 3 cups of coffee (any more and I'm running out of HEA because I don't like skimmed milk!), 1 or 2 fruit teas and then about 2 - 3 litres of squash.

mollya94 Wed 11-May-16 11:56:55

Thank you so much for your reply!

They were all great but yours definitely stood out smile

I think with not having carbs my bodies not getting enough fibre and obviously eating omelettes so much or baked beans and poached eggs (total comfort food!!) hasn't helped, going to try picking up my fibre intake from broccoli and other fruits/veg throughout the SW book - I have also been given fybogel for drinking to hopefully move things along. blush

That's exactly what I thought I'm usually more of a toast and jam or a croissant/Danish, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast person on holiday.. for lunch will most likely be picky items or fill up on breakfast then I have a small snack late afternoon and saving myself for evening meal.

I'm not one to go mad having big fry ups everyday and having 3 meals a day plus snacks like I would at home in the UK so I am hoping it will be alright and shouldn't feel too sluggish smile

I'm definitely going to enjoy myself but keep up with my fruit/veg intake as said in my question I prefer it abroad its so much nicer having fresh watermelon, pineapples sitting on the beach grin

Thank you again! grin flowers

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