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Starting again. Meal plan needed.

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NapQueen Tue 03-May-16 09:00:46

I fell off the SW waggon last year after a breavement. I desperately need to get back on it. As in today. Well, a year ago tbh!

Thankfully dh is also now wanting to eat better so its easier if Im not sat watching him eat whatever he likes.

I need to do a shop today anyways, have a good stock of basics, am not scared of proper cooking. I just need some ideas.

I want to get a box of Weetabix and some fresh berries for breakfast and to use my HEXB. Can I use yoghurt instead of milk as I like to eat cheese some meals?

Dinners ive got Spag Bol and Jamie Olivers Sausage Bake (made with SW sausages and fry light instead of standard sausages and oil). Thats it!

Is anyone doing a meal plan? Could you share?

Work wise I need lunches for work but have a microwave so can heat up stuff.

calzone Tue 03-May-16 22:00:11

7 breakfasts

Weetabix with berries and yoghurt (x3)
Grapenuts with banana and yoghurt
Egg and beans
Bacon and eggs
Fruit platter

7 lunches

Leftovers (x2)
Ham salad
Pasta salad
Jacket potato and beans
Couscous and salad

7 dinners

Chicken tikka and rice
Turkey burger and SW fries, coleslaw
Lamb curry
Chicken noodle stirfry
Mushroom risotto
Sea bass, spinach and potato wedges
Roast chicken and trimmings

calzone Fri 13-May-16 07:28:03

And this week.....

7 breakfasts

Overnight oats x 4
Fruit, yoghurt and bran flakes
Grapenuts and yoghurt
Sausages, egg, bacon and beans

7 lunches

Leftovers x 2
Savoury rice and salad
Sausages and beans
Breakfast muffins x 2
Chicken tikka and salad

7 dinners

Rack of lamb on BBQ
Seafood spaghetti
Chicken fajitas, rice and salad
Pasta with anchovies and broccoli
Spicy chicken rice
Jacket potato, cheese and beans

pippinandtog Wed 29-Jun-16 11:34:02

NapQueen, the Slimming World magazine has a week's menu plan, as does the SW website.
Also, well worth buying in group is a small book called" 100 extra easy days", which has some quick and simple meal ideas.
That should all keep you going for a while.

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