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AIBU to wonder how Group Leader is paid?

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madamlala Wed 27-Apr-16 13:04:36

Have joined SW. Been before but hoping for good things this time.
During the chat lady-in-charge was lovely and SO encouraging! She really seemed to care about all the members and their 'journey!'
Is she paid on results do you think? Absolutely none of my business but my mind was wandering when they were all discussing cauliflower rice.

StereophonicallyChallenged Wed 27-Apr-16 13:17:57

SW leaders are self employed I believe. They will have to buy SW materials and plan meetings in accordance with SW agreement, but the profit is their own. Not sure how much SW charge them for sign-ups etc but they don't make very much unless they put a lot of effort in from what I have seen smile

Peppaismyhomegirl Wed 27-Apr-16 13:21:36

I got through to be a sw leader. There is an interview process. The initial start up is £1k for the basic package if I remeber correctly, I didn't go through with it as they are very strict on what you can and can't do and I didn't agree with some of their ways. I still do slimming world yho and love it.

ditsygal Wed 27-Apr-16 13:22:30

It is a franchise business, they get paid percentages of takings depending on what the numbers in the group are.

calzone Thu 28-Apr-16 07:35:14

It's now £1500 for a franchise. You can grow the group from one group and still only pay for one franchise but if you set up on another day you pay extra.

SW get 50% of your profits.

ginorwine Sun 12-Jun-16 22:34:22

So how do they get paid when you reach target and it's free .
They seem really pleased for me that I'm a target member which means I've not had to pay anything for 2 months - do they get recognition for this ? But surely I'm not making any money for my group leader ????

2LittleMonkeysJumpingOnMyHead Mon 13-Jun-16 07:21:38

You are a great advert for the group, and I imagine you've told people.
I expect target members also motivate others to keep coming.

Lighteningirll Mon 13-Jun-16 07:48:32

We get no payment for target members but they are invaluable they are our best adverts, they show new members that it works, they give the best advice in group. Groups would be stagnant and pointless without target members as consultants we want all our members to get to target whilst telling all their friends, colleagues and family how fab SW is and that generates new members (there are so many people struggling with their weight in this country sadly we aren't going to run short of new members). Also it's not 50% of takings that would be amazing! It's a percentage of takings after rent depending on which category your group is. It can be as little as 25% or as much as 50 but you have to have a consistently busy (80+ members) group to make top category. There's a lot, a lot, of work outside group that members don't see but it's the best job I've ever had I love it. I regularly cry when members get to target it's amazing.

ginorwine Mon 13-Jun-16 08:56:07

Oh that's really nice to hear that consultants are pkeased and that I can support others .
Yes it's true I have encouraged my neighbour to go to group as she asked me how I lost weight as she is feeling a bit down as her weight is creeping up and she doesn't know what to do .
She says she can't face a public weigh in and I've said I Wd be with her to help her and that it's fun
However she just feels she can't - so have told her re online .

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