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New to SW and need advice

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craftymama087 Wed 27-Apr-16 00:26:27

Hey, I've heard a lot of good things about SW and want to start. I have 6st to lose though and I'm terrified it's going to be a losing battle. I'm too embarrassed to go to a meeting and was wondering if someone could tell me how many syns I should have per day. I'm learning as I go through online reading but so far I'm at a loss confused

Any advice would be appreciated

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craftymama087 Wed 27-Apr-16 00:27:14

No pun intended BTW lol

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NickMyLipple Wed 27-Apr-16 00:42:52

How much do you weigh? It's usually 10- 15 syns per day but 20 if you are over 20 stone smile x

Raasay Wed 27-Apr-16 01:20:21

Go to a meeting, you'll be glad you did. There will be no judgement, no criticism. No one will shout out out your weight or even bat an eyelid.

Everyone else at the meeting will be there for the same reason as you: to take some control back of their body and reach a healthier weight.

The consultants are usually lovely, it's a very welcoming atmosphere.

Go to a class - you'll be so pleased you did - I promise.

fraggle84 Wed 27-Apr-16 06:05:54

I agree that you should go to a meeting as they sit down with you for 30 mins explaining it all and give you all the books.

It's 5-15 syns a day, you won't lose if you don't have 5 so don't try no syns it doesn't work. I aim for 5 mon to fri then 15 at the weekend

You need 1 A choice & 1 B, they are there to ensure you get enough fibre and calcium in your diet

The syns allowed Facebook page is great for syn values

Pm me with any questions

Flossyfloof Wed 27-Apr-16 08:12:45

I joined with a lady who has lost almost 2 stone to my 1/2 a stone. She doesn't always eat her syns, so I am not sure if it is true that you don't lose if you don't have any.

craftymama087 Wed 27-Apr-16 08:45:49

I'm 19st Nick which is why I'm not keen on going to the meetings. I bought a starter pack online so once that arrives I'm hoping it will give me more info about it but I think the EE plan is the easier one from what I've read

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trinitybleu Wed 27-Apr-16 08:53:39

I was over 24st when I started... go to a class, you'll be welcomed and everyone is lovely. I was worried the scales wouldn't go high enough blush

BarbaraofSeville Wed 27-Apr-16 09:12:20

When I went there were a few people that were probably more than 19 stone so please don't worry about that.

One man probably weighed between 25 and 30 stone and another woman was probably close to 25 too.

It is all very welcoming and friendly in my experience.

fraggle84 Wed 27-Apr-16 09:46:14

Try it at home yourself then once your feeling more confident you can always join the group

The more speed food you can eat the quicker you will lose weight, 1/3 of your plate should be speed food. It's important to take away 1/3 of the portion you'd eat before and replace with the speed food rather than adding extra 1/3 to it if that makes sense

molyholy Wed 27-Apr-16 09:51:06

I would also say go to a meeting. If you have a good leader, it all becomes clear when they explain it to you.

The discipline of having to go and get weighed is what keeps me on track. I have lost 24lb in 6 weeks. I was a few lb under 16 stone. There are people who go who are bigger than me and who I am bigger than. I never feel judged or embarassed. They are discreet when they weigh you and I find it an environment of encouragement.

I must admit, I hardly ever stay for the meetings, but that first joining up one was invaluable.

KentCat Thu 28-Apr-16 16:59:33

I agree with everyone else about going to a meeting. I joined two weeks ago and was really nervous knowing I would be tipping the scales at just shy of 18 1/2 stone.

No one batted an eyelid and they've been incredibly supportive. I've already lost 1/2 stone!

I think the classes are also important for helping you keep the weight off as well as losing it in the first place.

calzone Thu 28-Apr-16 21:28:28

Come to my meeting. We are one of the best social teams ever!!

We laugh a lot. Support loads. No judgement. All there for the same reason.

MissBattleaxe Thu 28-Apr-16 21:35:34

I do it online and I really like that. You can see your weight loss on a graph and keep a record of everything you eat. There's a handy list to keep you on track. There are also lots of inspirational stories and recipes with the syns all worked out for you, as well as a syn checker.

It's possible to eat just about anything on SW, as long as you count it in. For example, if you want a bar of chocolate, it tells you how many syns so you can include it without feeling deprived.

Lighteningirll Thu 28-Apr-16 22:52:04

Please don't worry about being 19 stone I guarantee you won't feel out of place everyone is there for the same reason in group this evening there were several new members around the twenty stone mark and a new member from last week lost a stone in his first week. Sw works because of the group support, be brave you won't regret it. And your actual weight is never ever mentioned.

Geepee71 Fri 29-Apr-16 09:05:58

I joined this week and found the new joiner intro session invaluable, it helps you really make sense of how it works. There are people of all shapes and sizes at the meeting and ultimately we're all there for ourselves. Everyone was really welcoming and offering helpful hints and tips.
I personally need the group support and also the weekly weigh in to stop me making excuses or not weighing weekly. Good luck and enjoy it.

SerenityReynolds Sat 30-Apr-16 14:04:36

I started last week and found everyone very welcoming. Still getting my head around meal planning and gradually starting to try out some of the online recipes, or adapt our existing meals to make them low syn or free. I am eating lots more fruit and veg, which is great. Not sure I'd be able to follow it 100% all the time, but it's been interesting to have a good look at my diet habits and modify a little. Have lost 2lb in a week (aiming to lose just over 1 stone in total).

emmaluvseeyore Sat 30-Apr-16 17:56:05

I was 20.5 stones when I started in April 2015, and I've lost 3.5 stones as an online member. I'm too busy to get to any local meetings, so online works best for me. I'm down 3 dress sizes and much fitter than I was last year. I find I lose more weight if I have at least 5 syns, and I'm more likely to stick to it if I do. I don't think that's right about having more syns if you're over 20 stones. The website didn't say that to me when I started.
If you aren't confident enough to go to meetings, so look at joining online instead. You still get all the official resources then.

jollygoose Sun 01-May-16 12:10:46

I have only just joined but so far am really enjoying it. The atmosphere at the sw meeting was very comfortable and I left feeling very motivated. I have I hope been following the diet carefully with about 5 syns a day, I am eating so much I can`t believe I can lose wait but will see next weds.
Go for it op you will have lots of support and encouragement, I have always tried to diet alone but am really hopeful this time.

Glitter2707 Mon 02-May-16 22:07:42

My leader said when I joined if you see over 20 stones you get extra syns so it us correct. There is a real mix of people & weights at my group, no one looks out of place. You'll get a very warm welcome I'm sure & won't look back

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