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Best sausage recipe

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fraggle84 Tue 26-Apr-16 08:41:27

Dh has randomly bought 24 sausages in m&s today!!

What low syn recipes are your favourites? I'll have to syn the sausages as aren't low fat

mogloveseggs Tue 26-Apr-16 21:00:35

Put sausages in a casserole dish. Cover with a tin of tomatoes and place about 6 cloves of garlic in still in skin if you want. Cook for about 40 mins until cooked through. I normally serve with mash and veg.
Alternatively turn the sausages into meatballs.

GasLightShining Tue 26-Apr-16 22:30:16

I do similar but have pasta instead of potatoes. I part cooked the sausages first so some of the fat comes out

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