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need to lose at least 4 stone !

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Dinkiedoo Wed 20-Apr-16 16:04:49

I need to lose at least 4 stone , preferably 5 . I am starting SW when I get paid next week.
How long does it take to lose this much weight do you think ? I know it wont be overnight but Im desperate to lose weight quite quickly .
Do you have to have syns ?

emmaluvseeyore Wed 20-Apr-16 17:54:55

I've lost 3.5 stones in 1 year, although I could've lost more if I hadn't fannied around for the last 5 months or so. That said, I am happy to have lost that and kept it off, which is the most important thing IMO. I'd be worried that I wouldn't keep it off if I lost much quicker than that tbh.

Yes, you do need to have syns. When I first started I was having less than 5 syns and found I actually lost more weight when I upped my syns. It also helps you to stick to it as you aren't depriving yourself.

itmustbemyage Wed 20-Apr-16 23:20:25

Most diets recommend you lose between 1 - 2lbs a week so if you could keep up a 2lb loss each and every week you could lose 4 stone in about 6 - 7 months but some people lose more some lose less. It may help if you are able to do some exercise as well , if you don't already of course. As you want to lose at least 4 stone it is going to take time but starving yourself and never having syns is not the way to go. If you are desperate to get a result , think about a smaller initial weight loss that will really make a difference to you perhaps a stone? Then focus on losing that, it will give you a quicker initial result, then you can build on that success to lose the rest either in one go or in further 1 stone blocks.
We would all love to lose 3 or 4 pounds every week but that is not the reality for most of us.
You are similar to me I am hoping to lose at least 5 and half stone and am aiming to diet in six week blocks hopefully losing a stone every block at least for the first couple of six week blocks then less as time goes on. So far I am on schedule but it is easier the more weight you have to lose and I know my weight loss rate is already starting to slow down after 3 months on the SW plan. I started in January with the aim of losing my weight by my birthday in November.

QueenFuri Sat 23-Apr-16 17:01:03

I've lost almost 4st in 14 weeks i have minimum 5 syns a day, sometimes 3 meals a day and snacks mostly no breakfast as i don't like eating too earlgt. I try to walk 5 miles every second day too, no idea how I've lost it this quick, I was going for slow and steady..

molyholy Tue 26-Apr-16 11:16:46

Wow Queen that's amazing!

I must admit I tend to horde my sysns and use them on alcohol over the weekend.

I have lost 24lb in 6 weeks, so it is coming off quite quickly. I think SW is amazing and really opened my eyes to a new way of dieting.

I really don't know where people have this idea that they encourage you to eat crappy processed food.

Petra1973 Sun 08-May-16 20:03:33

Hi DinkyDoo,

I lost 5 stone in half a year back in 2014 and it's still gone:-)

For me it was the combination of eating less calories (more vegetables) and burning more calories (exercise an hour every day by walking). No alcohol, only in the weekends. And eat fruit as a refreshment. I also used Feiyan health tea to stimulate the weight loss and help me if i have a 'lack of discipline'-moment. The cheapest one can be found online at 'slimmingt'
This all together helped me to change my unhealthy lifestyle into a slimmer and healthy one.

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