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Is this eating pattern ok?

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Flossyfloof Mon 18-Apr-16 09:47:59

I am not struggling with the plan, but don't have loads ( a good stone though would be nice!)
I tend not to eat breakfast and am more of a grazer than a 3 meals a day person.
Yesterday I had made 6 Weetabix muffins ( Weetabix x2, yoghurt, bit of cocoa, eggs). I ate 3 with some strawberries during the morning and later, probably around 3pm had a Quorn sausage and some Quorn chicken and veg concoction I had made the previous day ( plenty of speed in it). I had a small amount of pasta with homemade tomato and veg sauce around 7 pm. Ate the rest of the muffins about 8pm with a cuppa.
I am now wondering whether I should have had them all at once, as a meal, iyswim?
I know it might sound stupid but on the net I have seen people criticising various things as tweaks and don't know if this would be a problem. I know the evenings are dodgy for me, I am usually busy during the day so don't worry about food; its later on that I start thinking "what can I have?", which is why I wanted to save the muffins. I felt quite full afterwards, which worried me a bit.
I might be overthinking all of this, I have been on a diet for the last 45 years, always counted calories and still not quite got to grips with the whole Slimming Workd ethos, I think.

Flossyfloof Mon 18-Apr-16 09:50:37

Also - I have been having a Hifi bar as a treat in the evenings, the Weetabix were HEB so I saved syns by doing it that way.
That was my thinking, anyway.

YorkieDorkie Mon 18-Apr-16 10:06:20

I think you might have you ask your group leader about 'tweaks' here. Your weetabix probably won't count at HEB if not used for its intended purpose. I don't fully understand tweaks so just get some clarification!

tabulahrasa Mon 18-Apr-16 12:49:32

It still counts as a b choice even if you eat it in other stuff...

Tweaks are misusing free foods to make things that end up actually quite high in calories, not making your b choice go further by making it into muffins.

If you feel like you're not losing as you should be, but you're definitely not having things you shouldn't be having...what you want to look at is things like, is your speed replacing a third of your portion of free food and not just added for the sake of it?

Are you actually having all three parts, including both healthy extra choices and enough Syns?

Because actually going without things can affect losses...

YorkieDorkie Mon 18-Apr-16 19:01:14

Can you give me an example of something that has been tweaked please? Our leader was really bad at explaining it.

frikadela01 Mon 18-Apr-16 19:24:10

Tweaking is eatin free foods in a way that it's not originally intended. This usually mean eating them in a less filling way so that you end up overeating. Big offenders in my groups have been using smash to thicken sauces, smash pizza bases, smash scones, couscous cake, lasagne crisps, roasted chickpeas.
You have to remember that at the heart of it slimming world is a calorie controlled diet with the counting taken out. Free foods tend to be either bulky and filling like pasta or low in calories like vegetables. Eating lasagne crisps isn't exactly filling like eating actual lasagne would be.

One of my past consultants put it best when she said to ask yourself would someone who wasn't on a diet be using these ingredients in this way? If the answer is no then it's probably a tweak.

Flossyfloof Mon 18-Apr-16 20:01:35

Thanks very much, that's helpful. I am very aware of portion size so I don't think that's a problem. Am trying to be more aware of protein as I have been told that my diet lacks it - as a calorie counter I have never really bothered with food groups, just calories so I feel sure I am eating more healthily. Still getting to grips with the whole SW thing though. Weigh in tomorrow! I have been away and had afternoon tea so if I have maintained or put on at least I will have an idea why!

YorkieDorkie Mon 18-Apr-16 21:12:58

Last para extremely helpful thank you!

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