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Food diary/logging food

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ChesterFuckingDraws Tue 12-Apr-16 14:37:14

I just joined slimming world last night and I'm a bit confused about the food diary sheet thing! The consultant explained we might find it beneficial to fill it in for the first few weeks so if anyone is going wrong she will be able to spot it and explain any mistakes!
I'm maybe overthinking it but I don't know how to fill it in blush
Do I put in quantities of each item (2 eggs, 6 cherry tons etc) in the speed food/free food or just eggs/chicken/carrots?
I also can't get my head round the amount of stuff in allowed to eat that's "free" surely you need to limit the amount of eggs/pasta/potatoes you eat?!
It was a huge class with about 20 new members and I thought I understood it all!

Bluecarrot Tue 12-Apr-16 15:11:05

You can eat unlimited pasta etc as long as you fill half your plate with vegetables too. That should automatically limit your pasta (etc) portion size.
You can fill in the diary either way, I don't bother with amounts unless filling in the healthy extra section.

You should've been given log in details for slimming world online, as well as your consultants contact info. Use them! Both really important resources.

tabulahrasa Tue 12-Apr-16 15:34:37

It's a third of your plate for speed foods, not half...though of course half is better.

Put amounts if you can, it gives a better idea of how much you're having, but it's not essential.

ChesterFuckingDraws Tue 12-Apr-16 16:25:01

Thank you for the replies that makes sense, I guess portion control will also come in time too!
I'm used to w/w so this is all very new but seems more doable as its less restricted
One more question!
Do you have to eat syns everyday, should I aim to eat at least the lowest recommended 5syns?

ChessieFL Tue 12-Apr-16 18:09:12

You should have 5-15 Syns every day. Don't eat more than 5 just for the sake of it if you're happy with 5, but equally don't deprive yourself because then you won't stick to it. If you struggle to eat Syns because you don't have a sweet tooth, use them in your meals - add cheese/cook with oil etc.

ChesterFuckingDraws Tue 12-Apr-16 18:16:44

Thank you! I'm not a huge sweet lover but today's 5syns were a wee slice of Brie it tasted fab!
Just had the biggest salmon salad for tea and it was all free 😀 About 2/3 of plate speed free food and griddled salmon filet. Seems too good to be true 😂
I'll find out next week if I'm doing it right!

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