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About to do a food shop....

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Twinklestar2 Mon 11-Apr-16 11:49:55

What are the best things to buy when on Slimming World? I already know about free foods, healthy extras, etc, I'm thinking more like Mullerlights (didnt realise they were free). Any other free or low syn items I should be buying?

incywincybitofa Mon 11-Apr-16 12:44:08

I am shopping today and looking at Speedy free foods going into my trolley first and foremost
There is a speedy shopping list on line as well on the free foods PDF.

Ragwort Mon 11-Apr-16 12:55:17

Stick to 'real' foods, ie: lean meat/chicken/fish - fresh fruit and veg; wholemeal bread. Only buy Mullerlights if you really like them, I find them too sweet.

Good luck - I have lost nearly one and a half stone in 10 weeks at SW. smile.

Twinklestar2 Mon 11-Apr-16 13:36:05

Thanks both. I thought it would be good to get some ideas so I don't get bored of having the same stuff day in, day out!

Ragwort Mon 11-Apr-16 17:12:49

Have a look at the recipes etc on the SW website, loads of ideas there. Good luck. Good idea to plan varied meals, it is easy to get stuck in a rut & that is when you will be tempted to eat too much.

00alwaysbusymum Tue 12-Apr-16 20:18:47

Spices and frylight ! I've discovered Schwartz pilau rice and the spice mixes and I keep my dinners very simple but full of flavour. Pilau rice , chicken breast fried with veg like courgettes and mushroom and spices - morrocan served with a giant salad and I'm sorted and doesn't take long to prepare.
Splenda in hot drinks
And sugar free squash
Extra light mayonnaise ( tesco healthy living is about 1/2 syn per tablespoon) and great with tuna or salad

incywincybitofa Wed 13-Apr-16 11:55:04

So what did you buy Twinkle?

I have Kale to try Kale crisps
Melon- which the kids have wolfed down and pineapple which I thought was speedy but isn't nectarines strawberries (again lost to the kids) cucumber peppers onion tomatoes lettuce lemons potatoes (although I suspect I should eat less of those) garlic ginger
I bought extra bottles of sauce, oyster and fish
Chicken and fish some ham eggs

My big fail last night was that DH wasn't in for dinner and the kids ate early (fed by DH) so I was left alone and the stir fry I was planning seemed too much effort and I didn't fancy an omelette

What I don't understand is, if I am GF and told to use GF pasta does it have a syn value, as products with rice flower do?

Twinklestar2 Wed 13-Apr-16 12:02:23

I brought Mullerlights!

I lost 2.5lbs on my first Wi so pleased with that. 11.5lbs to go.

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