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Pre weigh in meal? Slimming World?

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mollya94 Fri 08-Apr-16 10:10:48

Hi all smile

I've been on slimming world since January and have now got 100% on track as I have a holiday in 8 weeks (fly 5th June). I always plan my meals on my weekly planner as I find I don't stick to it if I don't but when it comes to Friday lunch/evening meal I'm always unsure what to put as my weigh in is Saturday mornings at 10am.

I don't have breakfast before weigh in as I usually get back in the house around 11:30am and have some brunch instead which could usually be a big SW fry up all speed/free or porridge with some toppings as I usually have more time on weekends to prepare breakfasts as I don't work weekends.

During the week I would usually have fruit/yoghurt for breakfast so this isn't a problem but could you lovely people give me any advice on what to have for tea the night before weigh in?

I know this week I have gone over my syns by 0.5 and have upped my exercise massively.

Todays meal plan is:

Breakfast: apple, plums, raspberry, pear and blackberry with a Muller light yoghurt.

Lunch: speed soup - swede, carrot, onion, celery, chopped toms with extra swede, carrots and Brussels sprouts steam veg bag.

Dinner: I was thinking of making an omelette using 1 egg with yolk, 2 egg whites, ham, peppers, red onion, courgette, mushrooms and salad on the side lettuce, cucumbers, sweetcorn, tomatoes, beetroot.

Snacks will be: pear, apples, carrot sticks, mango fingers, 2 benefit light bars as HEB and correct amount of weighed cheese to go in my omelette - I usually use Co-Op half fat mature cheddar 45g.

will also be drinking water as its * week so last weeks 5lb gain was a real wake up call, with the side of it being Easter and the bank holiday too I may have went over my syns massively right before weigh in and wanted to demolish the entire kitchen.

Any suggestions and ideas please?

Also what do you have after weigh in? I always feel like that's my opportunity for a treat so it would usually be a coffee if I pop out shopping with my mum or a lovely big Sunday dinner the next day - although its well within my syns and I love all veg so its packed full of goodness I always feel like its my treat and look forward to that as I have more time to spend cooking up a nice big breakfast/lunch on a weekend.

Thank you so much for all your help

ChessieFL Fri 08-Apr-16 14:22:16

I don't have anything different the day before weigh in (I also weigh on Sat am). So Friday tea could be courgetti bolognaise, chilli, goulash etc depending on the plan for that week. I wouldn't have a takeaway or anything that took me over Syns though (save that for sat night!!)

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