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Newby - what can I realistically loose before the summer?

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Workingmum34 Tue 05-Apr-16 21:21:20

So I joined yesterday and have had a good day so far - 1 down. Anyway. I stepped on the scales and weighed 14 stone 11 - I weigh more now than when I was 9 months pregnant. I would ultimately like to get to 11 St 4 which is what I have been between kids but know that is a bit away - well 49 pounds- but I am going on a sunny holiday during the first two weeks in August. What could I achievably loose between now and then from people's experience? I've never done sw before so any advice would be ace!

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Glitter2707 Tue 05-Apr-16 22:28:25

Hi, I joined slimming world 6 weeks ago & have lost 12.5lb in that time. And that was with one rubbish week where I went on a hen do over Easter weekend, ate & drank loads & then came back & ate Easter eggs! My friend is getting married on August 13th & I have set myself the goal of 2 stone by then. I don't want to put loads of pressure on myself so keeping it realistic even though I could potentially do more by then, I don't want to set myself up to fail if that makes sense.
It tends to be easier at the beginning too when you have more to lose. I think if I were you I'd set myself a target of around 2-2.5 stone by then smile

Workingmum34 Tue 05-Apr-16 22:40:06

Thanks. 2 stone would be ace. Just need to stick at it. I might find some clothes I want to buy when I get to the hols!

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inchoccyheaven Wed 06-Apr-16 00:16:55

I haven't joined sw club officially,but did buy food directory, free foods and snacks books from ebay. My dp, her sister and I are all wanting to lose weight and will be supporting each other. I would like to lose at least 2 stone by summer too.
Only problem i am finding at the moment is not knowing what to eat really and end up starving for fear of eating wrong thing.

molyholy Wed 06-Apr-16 10:34:29

I joined sw 3 weeks ago and have lost 16.5lbs. I am amazed as I never feel hungry at all. I really wished I would have discovered it years ago. I did lose alot of weight on ww (5 stone), but put it all back on over the last couple of years. I found ww hard to maintain, whereas I find it hard NOT to follow SW.

I know you always lose more at the start of a diet, so I am not expecting such a dramatic loss each week, but I want to aim for 1.5 - 2lb per week, which means I would like to have lost somewhere between 27 - 36lb by August. I am 14.7 now, so I know we have bad weeks etc holidays, so hopefully another 2 stone minimum.

Workingmum34 Wed 06-Apr-16 21:18:59

Wow molyholy that is amazing. Well done.

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Carnival Sun 10-Apr-16 00:12:26

I joined SW 19/10/15 and have lost 2st 1.5llbs. I also do 3 or 4 exercise classes per week (Zumba/Pilates/spin) - I've genuinely not been hungry, which has helped massively as I love food. I'd say that if you're sticking to plan, you can count on losing 1-2 llbs per week, as a rough guide.

I've got 2 kids and work 30 hours, so like most parents, time is tight. I do a weekly shop at the weekend, plan all my meals and usually make a soup and a casserole/stew on Sunday night, which I portion out and freeze. I try to have things that the family can enjoy, like SW spaghetti bolognese, which the kids and other half have with cheese and garlic bread and I have with speed (usually loads of broccoli.) For the days I go straight to gym from work, I either have one of my own frozen meals or a SW one from Iceland. Being prepared is definitely the key.

I'm on a less motivated curve at the moment; the chocolate at Easter captured meblushchocolate I need to get my head back in the right place. Good luck with it, I hope it goes well.

Flossyfloof Sun 10-Apr-16 07:42:22

I joined 5/6 weeks ago and have lost 5 lb. I don't have loads to lose ( had lost some on my own). It is still 5lbs I would not have lost otherwise - but I am a bit disappointed when I see what so many others have lost!

Workingmum34 Sun 10-Apr-16 13:48:33

First weigh in tomorrow but had a bit of a disaster day yesterday as was out all day so being super healthy today. Fingers crossed!

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IamNotDarling Wed 11-May-16 13:18:53

How did you get on?

Fragglewump Wed 11-May-16 13:26:46

Its better to eat free or speed stuff than feel hungry. You can lose lots by the summer if you try really hard and don't kid yourself or cheat. There will be weeks when you might not lose or even gain some (I had quite a few of those) and its important to keep going on those weeks. It took me 10 months to get to target (I lost 2.5 stone) but I was a plodder not a racehorse! Good luck - my top tip - start saving cash now for your holiday wardrobe - if you're anything like me I was so pleased with my slimline body I bought lots of holiday clothes. grin

EmilyK83 Wed 11-May-16 14:25:46

So that's 11 weeks...I weighed roughly the same as you when I started in Jan (14st9), and I've just checked back - in my first 11 weeks I lost 1st 13.5lb. Will depend on how closely you stick to plan though - and remember that everyone loses at different rates!

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