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Week one nearly complete!

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Mynameisdominoharvey Mon 04-Apr-16 21:18:53

I'm desperate to stick to it this time, I am a chronic slimming world joiner/quitter! I've been golden all week, with the exception of Saturday which was my dad's 60th birthday, it was planned and food ordered and paid for months ago so I had no choice but to have a flexisyn day so early on in my plan (well the other choice was to infuriate my mum who organized and paid for everything but that's another thread...) besides that I've been amazingly on plan, so hoping for a loss but I also realize that Saturday may have scuppered that, in which case I won't be beating myself up. Anyway I'm looking for slimming buddies of all kinds, I have about 7 stone to loose which I'd like to achieve by my next birthday (April 11th 2017) which would bring me to a weight of 9 stone exactly, and I love, love, love food, so if anyone wants to buddy up for a bit of SW support then I'd love to meet you grin

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Linda131963 Tue 05-Apr-16 07:47:07

Hi ! Your comment about your mum made me almost choke on my coffee ! Hilarious and l feel your pain !l am going to stay with my folks tomorrow and can already hear the conversations about food that l will endure ! My own fault ! Done SW and we before lost weight put it all and more back on ! Joined again in Jan and done OK , want to loose about 6 stones too . l love food but also drink ! When do you weigh in ? Hope your first week is a good one , sure your dad's birthday will not be reflected ! X

stonechallenge Thu 07-Apr-16 06:45:36

Just joined. 2nd weigh in today shock

What is quark used for?

And anyone got some good "lunch ideas"

We can do this!!! I've seen friends shed stones & stones .......

legotits Thu 07-Apr-16 07:03:18

Tuesday was my first weigh in.
5lb down but it was my migraines week so three days in bed just fluids.

Got to try not to find a couple of those lbs back this week!

I use quark for pudding mixed with vanilla almond sf syrup and fruit (can use sharper fruits because the syrup is sweet) or warm a blob up in fried mushrooms on toast.

I do love any cheese though grin

Ideally I want 5 stone gone but realistically I would love half of that.

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