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Brand new and not your usual I would assume.

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Gimmicktrip Sun 03-Apr-16 22:18:43

Good evening all. I am brand new to mumsnet and brand new to slimming world. I am 28 and male from the south west and have started slimming world as of Friday 1st April.

Just to clarify (if I need to, I don't know the protocol of this site!) I have just joined mumsnet for the slimming world forum not to invade any mother based discussion!

My girlfriend has been doing slimming world since Nov 2013 and has lost a total of 4 and a half stone in total so she has done brilliantly. I have always been a well built chap but my weight has got a bit out of control. I currently weigh 19 stone 7 lb and have set a target of 15 stone! Sounds a lot!

I have had a good weekend and have stayed on plan thus far and it is great that we can support each other at home and eat what one and other eats. However it is back to work tomorrow and I do worry about my self control.

I hope I am welcome here and would appreciate any help/advice/wisdom you could offer on this journey.

I am doing the online version as my schedule isn't suitable for group.

I look forward to chatting to you all!smile

Buttwing Mon 04-Apr-16 12:51:38

Hi gimmick, we have quite a few men in out group and they seem to do really well on it. One has lost eight stone. My dp eats all the sw meals I cook as do the kids and can't really tell any difference and prefers some of them. Quite often on a Friday with have a curry night which is hugely popular with everyone!

There is a slimming world support group thread which I've found really useful for picking up tips, recipes and for general support. Stick your head in and say hi they are a friendly bunchsmile

Katenka Mon 04-Apr-16 15:36:06

You don't have to be a woman or even a parent to post on mumsnet. It's called mumsnet, but it's for anyone.

Welcome. Come join the support

I know loads of men who do SW, but the women do out number them. Our class has 6 men.

Men seem to have a lot of success, seeing it drop off fast and (I think) get more Syns.

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