Batch cooking

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randomer Thu 31-Mar-16 19:35:01

I was thinking maybe if i got prepared it could help. ideas so far are meatballs, veg curry.mmmm what else?

I tried SW to avoid obsessing but actually this week I am. its quite tough

hoopyloopycow Thu 31-Mar-16 19:36:54

Haha batch posting too!

TeaBelle Thu 31-Mar-16 19:39:10

Pasta sauce (passatta plus veg)
Mince mix for stuffed peppers
Spaghetti bologneae
Shepherds pie

antiqueroadhoe Thu 31-Mar-16 19:43:22


randomer Fri 01-Apr-16 10:20:13

oh dear I have batched again today. need help

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