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Slimming World struggles & Anxiety?! Any help needed - only 9 weeks to go!

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mollya94 Wed 30-Mar-16 10:53:13

Hi all smile

Okay I joined slimming world 7th January and have been a little up and down on it not been totally sticking to plan some weeks but so far I have lost 8.5lbs.

My starting weight was 10st 6lbs.
My target is around 9 stone 2lbs.
Height: 5ft 6in and age 21, Female.
First week I lost 2.5lbs and from then it’s been 1lb here and there apart from last week I booked a holiday (9 weeks on Sunday till I go) and thought I’m really going to have to pull my finger out now as I would like to get down to my target weight of 9 stone 2lbs however I can’t even remember the last time I was 9 stone 2lbs (it must have been when I was around 11 years old?)

I’m suffering from a little anxiety that I won’t get down to this weight in time for my holiday and its getting me really down over it.

Last week I had a really bad weekend which resulted in 5 Krispy Kreme doughnuts and half a boneless banquet all demolished in one night then went on to have a slice of Oreo cheesecake on the Monday and an early Easter treat which was a Aldi milk chocolate large bunny.. however I drew a line after this and decided I will start incorporating walking into my routine so for the Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri I did a 40 minute walk and lost 2.5lbs at weigh in on the Saturday morning – during the week I also ate out at Nandos but had chicken skin removed and spicy rice just a regular and kept syns down as low as possible the rest of the week.
I was so not expecting that kind of loss which then put me at 9stone 11.5lbs and aimed I would try and be as good as possible on the weekend despite it being Easter.
Iv maxed out my syns already over the weekend on street food chicken burrito, carrot cake, Easter treats, coffees, deep fried doughnuts hence why I’m now feeling so down but I’m fine with keeping low syns during the week but the anxiety that my body won’t allow me to get any lower than around 9 stone 8lbs is coming back (I remember being 9stone 8lbs when I had a brace on as I wasn’t eating stuff like crusty bread, eating slower etc however at that time I could eat whatever I wanted and still stayed at the 9st 8lb mark) and I’m now worrying as I want to look my best for going on holiday.
It’s my first holiday with my boyfriend we’re going on his 30th birthday and I’m meeting the parents for the first time as they live out there (we’re staying in his parents’ house/villa).

To sum all this up (I do apologise it’s such a long read) I’m having major worries that my body will hit a plateau and il be left feeling awful for going on holiday.. although I can’t undo what’s happened over the Easter bank holiday I have pulled it back again, keeping all healthy on plan options until weigh in Saturday morning, see what damage has been done and then next week its game on, sticking to my syn allowances, on plan 100% and upping the walks approx. 3 miles a day for around 3-4 times during the week.
I know if I can just do this for one week il do it for another 8 until my holidays.
I need all help, tips, inspiration I can possibly get – I don’t know why although I’m not falling off plan like I could be and the motivation is there.. at the same time so is the anxiety that it’s harder to lose when you’re nearing your minimum weight you could be for your height, age etc. (my minimum is 8 stone 12lbs which I could never see myself being never mind even remembering last time I was that weight – it was definitely when I didn’t even know what scales were!!)

I just need some advice as I want to get to my target so much that I feel confident, good about myself and know I’ve worked so hard for it and that when im on holiday I can just have that ice cream/cocktails/go out for dinner and not feel like I haven’t earned it all (I don’t mind putting the weight on there that’s why ideally I wanna get down to my target so I have that little bit of leeway that when Sunday 5th June hits the thought of SW has gone I have only my weight to thank for it and what’s left is a week free to splash out and feel/look fantastic)

Thank you all and I do apologise for the rambling on – it’s been a long time coming I just need the pick me up and for reality to hit that I can do it I know I can but the anxiety is hounding me that my body won’t allow me to because I don’t remember being that weight especially not In any teenage years.

tabulahrasa Wed 30-Mar-16 18:44:43

Your body doesn't know what weight it is, your mind does...but not your body.

randomer Wed 30-Mar-16 20:27:42

5 ' 6"......isn't that an ok weight? Maybe this isn't about weight?

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