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can I really eat all of this?

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lovecaketoomuch Sun 27-Mar-16 10:18:51

Good morning!

Joined the online SW yesterday and just wanted to check I have the basics correct. So I can eat as much pasta, potatoes, fruit, veg etc (and any other free foods) with no limitation on quantity? Obviously not planning on eating a ridiculous amount, but it just seems like a lot of food! I guess I'm a bit suspicious!

Ive been reading through the posts and plp seem to be getting great results so really hoping I can do it too.

Idefix Sun 27-Mar-16 10:33:15

From experience I would say it depends on how heavy you are and how much you need to lose.

If you have 5 plus stone to lose then you probably will be able to lose eating these foods unlimited because they will fill you up and you won't be able to eat the same amount of calories as on your previous daily intake. Eg a muffin might be 350 cal but if you tried to 350 cal of apples you are likely to not manage it.

Personally I think it is a better idea to use the recipes on the website and magazines and stick to those portions it recommends. The weekly meal planners in the magazine are really helpful and can easily be adjusted to meet a families needs.

When I started sw I was bf and at the time (17yrs ago) there were extra allowances of healthy a and b (dairy, cereal, bread) I used these and the full 15 syns and lost weight very easily.

I lost about 6 stone with sw and have kept this off because whilst don't do sw I have learnt to have a healthier sw type approach to eating it needs to be a complete life change to work well and you will need to increase physical activity.

Good luck.

BarbaraofSeville Sun 27-Mar-16 19:34:24

Don't forget to include one third of each plate with fruit and veg, which naturally limits pasta etc consumption.

The idea is to eat until you are full not stuffed.

emwithme Sun 27-Mar-16 21:33:02

1/3 of your plate speed fruit/vegetables.
Eat until you are comfortably full.

It's not "binge-until-you-are-stuffed" on pasta and spuds alone.

Flossyfloof Wed 30-Mar-16 08:02:41

I spend a lot of time chopping celery and onion or leeks and grating carrot to chuck into virtually anything I make. It bulks out sauces and quiches and is an easy way of getting in your speed.
good luck!

lovecaketoomuch Wed 30-Mar-16 17:47:38

Thanks so much for your replies, really helpful.

So I started yesterday, I had :
B: Apple, kiwi fruit and yoghurt
L: homemade butternut squash and carrot soup
D: chicken and cauliflower curry from SW website and small amount of wholemeal rice.

HEA: splash of milk in tea. Hhmm maybe didn't have enough of HEA

HEB: 10 Brazil nuts. I'm pregnant so think allowed 2 HEA and B

Snacks: lots of fruit!

Sins: used few teaspoons of ghee for curry and a 2 inch square of Easter eggwink

Today similar although feeling very hungry this afternoon. Thinking maybe if buying some ryvita to work to have with lunch. Going to have a good search for recipes tonight.

Would welcome any comments or suggestions! I realise I can't really look to lose a lot of weight whilst pregnant, but hoping SW helps me stop eating a never ending supply of biscuits and cakes! smile

neonrainbow Wed 30-Mar-16 17:59:54

They push high sugar versions stuff so ignore that ie. They really push muller lights but is better to have fat free natural yoghurt as it's natural sugar then add vanilla essence or fruit to it. Also watch portion sizes as said above. I use it to keep me on the straight and narrow with meals food choices but don't count syns or go to group as i have also cut out sugar which mostly removed the need for 15syns a day.

neonrainbow Wed 30-Mar-16 18:01:44

For breakfast porridge or weetabix is good. The best thing though is eggs. 2 eggs and a slice or 2 of brown toast keeps me filled up for hours.

Idefix Wed 30-Mar-16 20:26:38

I would try to have a cereal or egg based breakfast, really helps to keep me feeling sated. Couscous salad with kidney beans/chick peas and chopped boiled egg is also filling. Soups with lentils are also more filling than veggie based soups. The pea and ham soup in the little book of soups is lovely.

Glad to hear it is going well, make sure you drink enough too.

lovecaketoomuch Wed 30-Mar-16 22:16:53

Thanks for the ideas. I think breakfasts will be the most tricky as I don't really like any cereals, although the overnight porridge sounds nice. Might have to try some different cereals, as I haven't actually had any for about 15 years!

Eggs are a good idea and might try that on my days off. Missing nice runny poached eggs!

Even though I've only being following the plan for 2 days, I already feel better in myself due to the amount of sugar I have cut out.

emwithme Wed 30-Mar-16 22:24:18

For an easy grab and go breakfast I make breakfast muffins (this makes 12 BIG ones):

6 eggs, beaten and mixed with 300g tub cottage cheese (onion & chive is nice). Then add whatever veggies/filling/whatever you have - I soften up some onion, peppers, mushroom, bacon in a pan (using whatever's in the bottom of the fridge), and add it to the eggs. Pour into a muffin tin (a silicon one works best because it's easiest to turn out) and pop a halved cherry tomato (cut side up) in the top if you fancy.

Then cook for 30 minutes (or so - until brown on top and solid underneath!) on 200C/Fan 180C/Gas 6. Not eaten them hot, but cold they're bloody gorgeous, and really handy to grab on the way out of the door. They last a few days in the fridge (the most they've lasted in mine is 4, but that's because they got eaten, not because they went rank...)

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