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Big holiday

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emmaluvseeyore Tue 22-Mar-16 08:55:47

Definitely don't be disappointed with 2.5lbs. I'd love to lose that in a week!

As for your holiday, just try your best to make good choices but accept that you won't be able to stick to it 100%. I went to Amsterdam for a week last summer and decided that I was just going to enjoy my food but not go crazy. With all the exercise walking and cycling, I actually ended up losing even with eating lots of ice cream and chips!

Muskateersmummy Tue 22-Mar-16 07:31:59

Ok firstly.... Don't be disappointed with a 2.5lb loss!! Hcp's and SW recommend a loss of 1-2lb a week. I go to target losing less than that every week. Be proud of that loss it's fab. If you expect 5.5lb losses every week it's very unrealistic and you will quickly give up.

Where your holiday is concerned. I always make the best choices possible but still enjoy myself and accept that it may mean a gain on the scales, then I get straight back on it once I'm home.

operaha Tue 22-Mar-16 07:22:51

Joined two weeks ago, wedding in ten more. Lost 5.5 first week, gutted to only have lost 2.5 this.
Haven't wavered at all but have had wine as my syns occasionally.

Going on holiday on Sunday for two weeks. To bloody Germany. With family. I've been loads of times, it really is sausage and beer.

I've been looking forward to it for 6 months and now feel I'm just going to be on edge the whole time, unable to eat and drink, or, just blowing the progress I've made.

I'd like to lose another stone.... any holiday tips?!

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