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Slimming world Blugh

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Weescottyslimmer Mon 21-Mar-16 10:04:33

I have been a member of slimming world for 2.5 years! I started at 12lb 13 and am now down to 10lb 13. I seriously love the plan but find it ridiculously hard to stick to especially when I am out and about. I'm a busy mum with 3 young daughters aged 10,8 and 9 months. My other half and myself attended group together but him being a man and working ridiculous hours he just craves crap and grabs what is convenient for himself. Me on the other hand.... I'm at home atm back at work next month and I am seriously feeling down about my weight. I need to shift it. We have our first big family holiday in July so I have 3 months to get into shape. Which is doable. I am a petite woman so I look a lot heavier than most woman that are at my weight and I just feel frumpy Not sexy and just bleuhhh! I have download the my fitness pal. I think I'm going to follow the slimming world plan along with colorie counting and a few bits of exercise during the week. The 30 day plank challenge and squat challenge. Also me being a busy mum daily housework is basically light cardio for me. We go long walks with the kids most weekends. Just basically askin for some tips on what else I can do to help me shift some pounds quick and get a flatter tummy tone up and turn away from my cravings. YouTube at home just now is my savour for workouts as I don't have time for the gym. So any workouts on there also that are recommended would be fantastic.

Desperate chubby mum smile

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emmaluvseeyore Mon 21-Mar-16 11:53:31

Calorie counting and SW don't really mix! I think you need to do either or. I've been doing SW for almost a year now and I'm down 3st 9lbs now. I find I do a lot better if I'm organised. We meal plan and food shop based on our commitments over the week ahead, so for example we both run Brownies on a Thursday so we have a slow cooked meal that night so we don't have to cook. It means we then don't resort to getting a takeaway or a ready meal. Being organised will help your partner too.

Having been through CBT for depression recently, I know not to try and chance too many things at once because it just sets you up to fail if you do. With my weight loss, I started by changing the diet and sticking to it, then after a few months I gradually started adding exercise. I started off by going swimming once a week and maintaining this for a couple of months before adding anything else in. I then added a tap class once a week. I currently only do the tap class, but I'm planning on adding the swimming again once the weather is nicer.

Basically, what I'm saying is that you are trying to make a LOT of changes in one go, which is going to be really hard to stick to. Why don't you focus on diet first?

randomer Mon 21-Mar-16 12:30:41

your family are young and time consuming and you are heading back to work.....anything else you can achieve is a bonus!
Try to meal plan and keep it simple. Try to stay to first I thought it was rubbish but at the very least you get to sit down for a while!

peachypips Tue 22-Mar-16 20:43:43

I think your best bet in my opinion is to sign up for a 12 week block in advance, then say to yourself that you will follow it absolutely by the letter for that time. Otherwise it will drag on and on and you will be wasting money. It's only 12 weeks - say to yourself that if you really want something you can have it when the 12 weeks are up.
Be wary of thinking exercise will help- I exercised like crazy (couple of hours per day) but until I changed my diet nothing happened to my weight.

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