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Help!!! Self-confessed boredom eater

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Bluecarrot Wed 23-Mar-16 01:28:59

Slimming world doesn't really address issues like this ( I'm on SW atm too)
I read about a book on here by Gillian ripley. How to eat less.
Only about a third of the way in and I am starting think about eating in a whole different way. Def worth checking out.

naralietilly84 Wed 23-Mar-16 00:18:00

I know exactly how you feel Stellla . I have been on and off the SW plan for years and now i am at my heaviest. I am currently attending SW , on a 12 week count down, i started out with great enthusiasm even losing 7lbs in my first week but after week 3 the self sabotage and boredom/emotional eating crept back in and now i am a rock bottom. I dont know how to pick myself back up. I like the idea of a syn box. My problem at the moment is knowing where to start from picking yourself back up. My self sabotage is all the time and would also like suggestions on how to control this. I am defiantly in the same boat as you Stellla xx.

ChessieFL Sun 20-Mar-16 19:07:15

I am also prone to eating in the evenings. I save up my HEB to have hi fi bars and also try to save my syns to have those in the evenings. Try making a syn box full of things that are 5 syns or less, then you know that you can have 3 things from the box each day and be within your syns.

Stellla Sun 20-Mar-16 18:31:21

Hi everyone,

I have joined in the hope of some sound advice please.

I have done slimming world, over the years, and I know how great it is and how well it works.... When you are in the zone (!) - I am having real problems getting in the zone and as a result am putting on weight. I have re-started on numerous occasions this year, all resulting in failure... And I can feel I have whacked some weight on this week.

I have terrible issues with self sabotage, self control is minimal, I don't know if it is boredom or just sheer habit that I am constantly thinking about food when not at work... Am I alone in this?

I need to start again properly tomorrow, and really try hard, not just for a few days, nor a week, but long term, I owe it to myself. My question is how you all manage to refrain from sabotage/ keep busy or occupied in the evening? I am single, and live alone, I can't go out every night..... There must be a way? sad

Thanks so much in advance x

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