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Can anyone recommend a really tasty low syn french dressing?

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CwtchesAndCuddles Sun 20-Mar-16 17:22:43

My favourite salad dressing is far too high in syns so I need to find another, has anyone got a recommendation?

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Madbengalmum Sun 20-Mar-16 17:26:10

M and s low fat french is lovely, dont know about sin level though.

skiingnomore Mon 21-Mar-16 08:45:32

I buy hellmans fat free vinagrette and mix in some balsamic vinegar. Its syn free that way and delicious.

littlepinkgiraffe Mon 21-Mar-16 08:46:52

I have the low fat (healthy living maybe) French dressing from tesco which is half a syn per tablespoon.

BikeRunSki Mon 21-Mar-16 08:48:56

I was also going to suggest Tesco Healthy Living.

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