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Thinking of starting sw is it as good as they say

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mitsi31 Sun 20-Mar-16 11:38:41

I wouldn't say I'm huge nor skinny but have put on weight
Was never concerned about my weight before I fell pregnant had the confidence to wear what I wanted with out 2nd guessing after I had my daughter went back to the figure I had but ever since I got my self a job in the evening 9 years ago I've found I'm lazy and eat rubbish and have put on the weight can see it in my face etc
Size 14 is the biggest my clothes are just now and feel unhappy with the way I look frumpy is the word I use
The past few times I've been to the nurse for a routine checkup and she always checks my weight as she says for my height and age I'm in the obese category
I've tried eating better maybe works for a few days then I'm back eating rubbish
I don't want to lose a lot just want to be able to not worry about how I look when I'm out ie parties

I know a few folk that are doing sw and are doing really well could this be for me any advice is helpfull

CwtchesAndCuddles Sun 20-Mar-16 13:08:06

It works for me ! I've lost 18 pounds since I started at the beginning of the year and I'm eating a much more healthy diet. It can take a few weeks to fully understand the plan and get your head around planing and preparing meals, batch cooking helps so that there is always something at hand.

mitsi31 Sun 20-Mar-16 15:17:03

I definitely don't eat healthy at the moment I try to but never have the will power to stick with it
Want to improve my health by eating right and able to stick it

WipsGlitter Sun 20-Mar-16 15:27:04

I'm really struggling. I have no will power and am too disorganised. I'm making three different meals in the evening. However it sound easy. I did the online version and it's crap. Not worth the money.

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 20-Mar-16 15:29:33

I prefer WW to SW. I like the structure and can work in -wine- treats with the extra points and I can earn fit points

DanyellasDonkey Sun 20-Mar-16 15:32:46

I've lost a stone since Christmas, but just follow the plan and don't actually go to classes. I lose on average one pound per week. I enjoy making the food and my DP eats it too. Not too much faffing about weighing stuff out etc so suits my lifestyle

ExplodingCarrots Sun 20-Mar-16 15:40:07

I've lost 2 stone (slowly) and I'd highly recommend it. It's so easy to fit around everyone. DP can't tell which meals are SW or not. Plus you don't really have to count anything .

cheapskatemum Sun 20-Mar-16 22:59:30

I was like you, mitsi31, I started going to SW because when my Zumba class stopped I put on a bit of weight and SW took the slot at the village hall. It was a convenient time and place and my friend had just started going. I'm so glad I went! I've lost a stone and am getting compliments blush. I agree with CwtchesAndCuddles that it takes a few weeks to get your head around it, but then it becomes second nature and it's so simple and straightforward. DH loves SW recipes, because he knows they're healthy. I use the online search engine to find ones I think the family will like. I've also tweaked a few family favourites, for example, I now cook paella using 1 tbsp olive oil, instead of 6. Honestly, you can't taste the difference! You can always come on here and ask questions if you don't want to look an idiot at group smile

mitsi31 Mon 21-Mar-16 00:01:34

Thanks guys been really helpfull
Been thinking about joining for a while now after seeing friends success with it
Sometimes I wonder if I'll fit in as I might not be like the rest daft I know but this will be new to me
Can't keep the way I'm going actually looking forward to finally changing the way I see food and eventually trying new stuff

curren Mon 21-Mar-16 06:42:00

I have lost 16.5lb in 7 weeks. Have another stone and a half to go.

The classes I have been to are a total mix of people. No one 'fits in'. All different ages, sizes, men and women. So really we all kind of fit in.

But my class is on the whole great. I enjoy it. I find SW easier than WW, personally.

Nectarines Mon 21-Mar-16 06:45:23

What I like best about slimming world is the emphasis on cooking from scratch and making sensible, filling food choices.

You soon learn what choices will keep you on track so it becomes easy to decide what to eat when out etc instead of faffing on calculating points etc.

bimandbam Mon 21-Mar-16 06:56:40

I have done it a few times with some success. Lost 11lbs the first time, 7 the second.

But I don't think it works longterm for me. The diet is basically a low fat low sugar diet with an emphasis on fruit and vegetables forming 1/3 minimum of your plate. It sounds good in theory but relies a lot in sugar substitutes (muller light anyone? ).

It also doesn't have much portion control. And classes food as good and bad. The problem is when you stop doing it you can keep the mindset of pasta = good for instance and overeat, so gain weight after you stop then return to sw to get it back off.

I do like the weekly weigh in though.

I also think it depends what your eating habits are as to how effective it can be. I cook from scratch a lot, healthy mainly sw friendly foods. I don't eat a lot of sweet stuff and most of our diet is low fat. My downfall is alcohol and I could save my syns for a drink. So beyond a few tweeks to lunch my diet wasn't changing that much so I didn't lose as much as I would have liked and the losses massively stalled after about 2 months. There is also no real incentive to exercise especially if you were building muscle as you didn't get the loss everyone wants every week.

Sorry I am rambling. But it has worked for s lot of people.

calzone Mon 21-Mar-16 07:30:46

I've lost 3 stone with SW.

I heartily recommend it.

mitsi31 Mon 21-Mar-16 08:36:19

My diet at the moment sucks lol get up at half 7 for the school run have breakfast but by the time half 10 11 comes in hungry so snacks it is as I work evenings I don't have lunch have my dinner at 2pm then later it's snacks crisps bics don't have a proper structure and nothing really healthy and to be honest don't do much exercise unless being on your feet at work counts lol
Just got stuck in a rut and need a change

Drquin Mon 21-Mar-16 08:56:53

I started at end January and have lost 24 1/2 lbs.

Whilst it's "good", you need to remember SW (nor WW or anything else) is magic wink
I've followed the plan .... But essentially I have cut out / right down on crisps / chocolate / take-aways / pre-packaged meals / alcohol. Not exactly rocket science if I told you I've lost weight by cutting out all of the above, is it?!

I do think it's about re-educating, or re-calibrating your eating habits. For some folk, me definitely, I need the structure of a plan to get me out of the old habit and into the new, the new habit that with any luck (!) will be for the rest of my life. In some ways, not massively different from the logic we use about toilet-training etc with children ..... Break the old habit over a few days / weeks.

I am cooking for scratch every night - I'm not one for batch cooking (single, with a small freezer!) - it may not be exciting food, I joke that my "cooking from scratch" is sometimes only a chicken breast in Cajun spices! But it's not a supermarket ready meal chicken breast in unknown sauce ....

Be conscious of what your downfalls are ...... I love potatoes, and I am hugely conscious that SW does not make you weigh potatoes (nor pasta), nor does it have much in the way of portion sizes (the 1/3 veg on plate is fine, but no mention of what size plate!). So, I'm enjoying losing weight whilst still enjoying my potatoes, but I know that the next stage (stage 1 was cut the chocolate / take-always etc) is going to have to be actively looking at that.

cheapskatemum Wed 23-Mar-16 22:10:51

I like that following the SW eating plan showed me where I'd been going wrong before. It wasn't as obvious as cutting out crisps, chocolate & takeaways etc. For me, it was using far less oil in cooking - I'd swallowed the hype that olive oil is good for you. Also, cutting visible fat off meat - I hadn't realised it made such a difference. Finally, I was eating too much of things such as: nuts, avocados and dates. All healthy, but only in moderation if you want to stay slim. I have never eaten a Muller Light yoghurt as I am lactose intolerant. I eat Alpro soya desserts occasionally. Other than the fact that they are called "syns" , I don't think SW says some foods are bad for you, it just says watch carefully how much of them you eat if you want to get and stay slim. It does emphasize exercise, that's what body magic is all about.

emmaluvseeyore Thu 24-Mar-16 14:44:33

I don't think SW relies on sugar substitutes at all. That is just what some people choose to rely on. I've been doing SW for about a year, and haven't eaten Muller Lights since the second month in. I prefer the texture of thicker yoghurt, so choose to use my syns for that. The only sugar substitutes I have are diet coke (but I drank that anyway), fat free fromage frais, and no added sugar lemon squash. As I don't drink tea & coffee, I have diet coke and lemon squash so I don't just drink water all the time. Lemon squash has replaced my glass of OJ in the mornings.

I really do think the key is that is a change in lifestyle for the rest of your life. Of course you are going to gain wait if you go back to poor eating habits! That doesn't mean that you have to go to the meetings for the rest of your life because you can apply what you've learned without going to meetings. I've been an online member for the last year, but I rarely go on the website now (aside from entering my weight each week) as I have all the knowledge in my head.

curren Thu 24-Mar-16 20:09:00

I have been doing this 8 weeks. Never had a mullet light, don't eat piles of pasta, rice or potatoes (you can't really since half your plate has to be speed food so eating piles of pasta has to be offset against the veg).

Yes some people do rely on them heavily.

But that's what I like about slimming world, there are different ways to do it.

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