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Share your top tips for staying motivated.............

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CwtchesAndCuddles Mon 14-Mar-16 17:21:35

I was feeling a bit smug as my size 22 jeans were getting too big for me, I'm now wearing a tight pair of size 20 and realise I have a long way to go. I'm going to keep wearing these until they are also too big!!!!

calzone Mon 14-Mar-16 18:52:08

I surrounded myself with everything SW related. On FB, IG, etc I joined the social team and help people every week with their food plans.

lighteningirl Tue 15-Mar-16 07:17:51

I redo my For and Against list regularly I've been doing it ten years and more or less been in target for eight and my motivations have changed over the years. To get to target my motivation was a pair of white trousers I wanted to wear and not have my belly still outside them I didn't stop til I got them on wish I'd kept them now.

PicInAttic Tue 15-Mar-16 21:37:47

Clothes in smaller sizes a major motivator here too.
Also have started yoga and love it when I'm able to bend, flex or balance in some way that I couldn't a few weeks before!

Katenka Thu 17-Mar-16 18:43:35

I took a photo of myself at the beginning. I took another one today to compare. Can see a massive difference in 6 1/2 weeks. Really spurred me on

DrHarleenFrancesQuinzel Thu 17-Mar-16 21:47:41

Oooh I like the photo idea. Going to do that in the morning before my shower. Im only on my first week so it might be a good thing to do.

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