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SW pizza??

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namechangedtoday15 Mon 14-Mar-16 13:01:52

When I did WW previously, I did a kind of "cheats" pizza using a tortilla as the base, tomato base, reduced fat cheese etc.

I have discovered that the Bfree tortillas can count as your HeB (is this right?) and so I was wondering whether I could create a similar "SW cheats" pizza.

I used to get the deli counter at the supermarket to slice pepperoni wafer thin - I can't find a syn value for pepperoni. Does anyone know what it is?

I'd use reduced fat mozzarella as HeA (or syns), peppers, onions, mushrooms etc to get the free veg in.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 14-Mar-16 14:00:53

I've made pizza or sometimes a quesadilla in this way but would use ham or other free meat or no meat at all rather than pepperoni, which will have syns.

But I'm sure a few thin slices won't be that much if it's pepperoni you want.

namechangedtoday15 Mon 14-Mar-16 14:56:23

Thank you. Will google (yes, its the pepperoni I want grin)

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