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Where am I going wrong?

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AKP79 Wed 09-Mar-16 10:01:03

Hi all

I need some advice. I am on my 5th week of slimming world and this has been my weight loss:
Week 1 - SS
Week 2 - 1/2lb
Week 3 - 2lb
Week 4 - 2.5lb ON

So I am now back where I started! I hand my diaries in every single week and my consultant has said they're perfect. I write EVERYTHING that passes my lips down and where appropriate weigh and measure things. I have been eating between 5-15 syns a day and drinking 2 litres of water.

I exercise three - four times a week - a long weekend walk, yoga, spinning and then a HIIT class.

There's absolutely no rhyme or reason as to why I lost 2lbs on week 3 and why I gained 2.5lbs on week 4. I've now got to the point where I am dreading going to meetings. It is so upsetting to try really hard and then either stay the same, lose 1/2lb or the very worst gain!

The weight gain wasn't period related either so I just don't know what is going on.

I have been doing a SP week since last weight in in the hopes that that might make a difference.

I'm absolutely desperate to lose weight, I'm 3.5 stone overweight and want to start feeling good about the way I look.

Has anyone else had a similar experience and did you overcome it or did you try a different diet? Have been considering Weight Watchers.

I'm due to weigh in tomorrow night, I don't weigh myself inbetween, but I'm dreading gong to class.


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Namechangingbastard Wed 09-Mar-16 10:03:34

Could it be hormonal? Took me a few weeks to get into it if I'm honest. If not i think they offer a guaranteed money back if you don't lose.

chelle792 Wed 09-Mar-16 10:04:12

Please don't think me inappropriate but where are you in your cycle? Is AF due?

I put on about 4lb during my period

Muskateersmummy Wed 09-Mar-16 10:05:17

Was week 4 your period ? The rest looks good. Slow start but that's fine, slow and steady wins the race.

Make sure your eating when hungry not when bored or thirsty. Drink plenty of water and have lots of speed

AKP79 Wed 09-Mar-16 10:11:52

Thank you so much for the replies, I really appreciate it.

I lost the 2lbs on my period week, which is really odd. The only thing I can possibly think, but I feel I am clutching at straws, is I had a missed miscarriage over Christmas and New Year. It dragged on over 4 weeks in total, so there could be some hormonal issues. However, my cycle has returned to normal now.

Drinking loads of water and reaching for speeds 1st. I'm not snacking much because I'm not feeling hungry between meals and if I do it's melon or strawberries that I reach for. I've been mindful of overeating 'just because it's free' so I don't think my portion sizes are too big.

It's so upsetting when you sit in class and hear people giggling and saying 'I don't know how I lost weight this week, I had fish and chips on Saturday and then a chinese takeaway... etc" and I'm sat there thinking I've stuck to it 100% and put on 2.5lbs!

Sorry for the moan, it's just really frustrating.

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PoreofWiner Wed 09-Mar-16 10:13:54

I put on / am more hungry around ovulation rather then when actually on. Could it be that?

AKP79 Wed 09-Mar-16 10:43:04

Absolutely anything is possible... I'm usually ravenous the week before I'm due on, which was my week 2.

I have been feeling really bloated - my knee high boots are really tight on the calves on some days as are my rings, but I've been drinking loads of water to try and reduce this.

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maygirl Thu 10-Mar-16 00:33:27

It sounds like you've got some water retention. I lose most weight the week my period starts because I immediately lose fluid and am up weeing all night!
I've found swimming(in deep water) really helps with water retention, the water pressure really helps. Perhaps try adding a swim into your exercise routine?

I'm a slow loser too and it is annoying to hear the others laughing about not following the plan and still losing weight, but I'm getting close to target now with my tiny losses adding up. Also I have better losses when I don't have any alcohol syns unfortunately sad, it seems to stall my weight loss even if I keep amounts within the syn allowance.

wowser3 Thu 10-Mar-16 00:58:04

Only things I can think of is perhaps have more syns so your body doesn't think it's hungry? You say you're having 5- 15, go for the full 15. Also , Maybe you have gained muscle with all that exercise? Or inflammation of tissues if you have been aching from exercise may cause you to hold onto water.

AKP79 Thu 10-Mar-16 21:09:39

Thanks ladies...

So this week I've done exactly what I've done previously, but cut out bananas, potatoes and pasta...

Weighed in at group and I've lost 3lbs! Over the moon, but over 5 weeks that's still only 0.5 loss in total, so I'm not going to get carried away with myself. But, hopeful I've cracked it???... Time will tell!

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