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dairy free and slimming world?

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HariboFrenzy Sat 20-Feb-16 21:36:30

Is anyone following sw and dairy free? I am still breastfeeding my 8 month old who has CMPI. I actually found this out when I started sw as all the healthy extras I was having made my baby really poorly. I stopped sw on the advice of the dietician as I had to cut out all dairy and soy to continue to breastfeed.

I'm ready to start again but wondering how difficult it will be... recipes with cheese, yoghurt, creme fraiche, fromage frais are all out obviously. Plus no muller lights etc.

Any advice?

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Katenka Sun 21-Feb-16 09:18:22

I am dairy free. Apart from a bit of lactofree cheese now and again.

Because I have had dairy in years it doesn't seem that hard. I snack on fruit and avoid recipes with quark etc in them.

It does cut the options down some though.

Can you have lactofree dairy or is it no dairy at all?

HariboFrenzy Sun 21-Feb-16 10:09:48

Thanks for your reply. It's all dairy unfortunately.

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Katenka Sun 21-Feb-16 10:12:38

Oh no. It does make it more difficult especially since yoghurts are a big snacking food and in a lot of recipes.

Can you snack on fruit, vegetable sticks and free honours. That type of thing?

cheapskatemum Sun 21-Feb-16 22:01:57

Hi! I'm dairy (and wheat) free, though I can eat Lactofree products. I use rice milk and almond milk for HExAs - you can have a whole litre of almond milk a day! It makes nice hot chocolate with Choc Shot in it. I've just tasted Co Yo (coconut yoghurt) and it's tasty, but high in fat, including saturated fat, so you wouldn't want to eat too much of it.

Have you tried goats' and sheep's milk cheeses? If you can eat them, St Helen's Farm do a 0% fat version of goats' milk yoghurt and I use that in any recipe instead of cows' milk yoghurt, quark or low fat format frais.

Whingewhingewine Wed 24-Feb-16 15:03:04

I have almond milk as my healthy extra and that's it really. Cheese isn't massively SW friendly after all!

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