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help - motivation issues

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ohthegoats Thu 18-Feb-16 18:13:09

Did sw last summer and lost a stone and 4lbs in 8 weeks - last 2 months of mat leave, losing baby weight once I stopped breastfeeding.

Haven't put any weight on since September, but went back to work and haven't been able to get to meetings. Still 2 stone overweight, and have joined online but just can't get motivated.

How do I sort that out? It's the million dollar question I guess.

giraffesarefab Thu 18-Feb-16 21:05:16

Have you got done thing to aim for? Mine is a summer holiday and everytime I feel myself falling off the wagon, I Google "summer dresses" and that motivates me again!
Anything we can help you with? Big birthday? A wedding? Holiday? X

ohthegoats Thu 18-Feb-16 21:42:21

Three week holiday in July in France, house with pool, with: parents (mum a size 8), brother's family (SIL a size 4 - she'll be 10 weeks PP, but will be back to a size 4), other friends (woman a size 10). Men also small and/or super fit. Me and partner both fat. Erk.

It's not working for me though... maybe I need a Dr to tell me to sort it. Dunno.

I did just google summer dresses though!!

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