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someone with the takeaways book help me quick please

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RavioliOnToast Thu 18-Feb-16 17:31:37

I've left my shopping list at home, we're making the bean burgers from the fakeaway book tonight, I can remember 2 cans of kidney beans and an egg- and then that's it, my mind fails me!

RavioliOnToast Thu 18-Feb-16 17:32:08

Yeah so the rest of that message should have been can anybody help meeeee with the rest of the recipe grin pretty please!!!

iklboo Thu 18-Feb-16 17:35:04

Is it this one?

RavioliOnToast Thu 18-Feb-16 17:36:50

No, I saw that one online but I'm 99% sure the recipe in the book doesn't have any other beans in apart from kidney beans confused

RavioliOnToast Thu 18-Feb-16 17:49:37


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