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Well that's it for me.

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Parrish Mon 01-Feb-16 15:08:17

I've decided to give up.
I've been doing SW since Nov 2014 and only lost 21 pounds. Now the weight loss has stopped completely with only 1/2 pound lost this year. To say I'm downhearted is an understatement, I'm sitting here in tears. I worked out each lb in weight has cost me £10 at least in cash and I just can't justify it any longer. So I'm off to my fitness pal to calorie count and hopefully shift it a bit quicker.

Last summer I was so disappointed still to be horribly overweight with no appreciable difference. I need to try something else and SW isn't working for me.

Good luck everyone, thanks for all your support so far.

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RNBrie Mon 01-Feb-16 15:15:24

I couldn't get on with SW at all. My best/fastest weight loss was achieved by doing the clean and lean diet and exercising 4 times a week.

21lbs is a great achievement though, even if it took a while. You should be really proud of that!!

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