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So I've downloaded the free 7 day menu...

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Fallulah Fri 15-Jan-16 20:45:33

I have a lot to lose and have few friends who have lost on Slimming World (despite eating mountains of pasta and potatoes, which blows my mind). I love cooking but hate constantly weighing, counting and logging things, hence I don't really get on with MFP or Weight watchers.

I've downloaded the 7 day menu from the site to try, but just wondered if I can do some mix and matching. There is only me to feed so, for example, if I make a SW chicken Korma, can I have that on more than one day? And can I ditch the cereal from one day, replacing it with eggs from another? Guess I don't really understand how it all works yet and can't get much info from the site prior to paying...

frikadela01 Fri 15-Jan-16 20:49:04

You could only swap the cereal if you swapped it for something similar like bread. I've not seen the 7 day menu but cereal is a healthy extra and one of the things gs that have to be measured and restricted whereas eggs can be eaten freely.
If you the look of the 7 day menu appeals to tou my advice would be to join a group so you can get the books and the

ChessieFL Sat 16-Jan-16 08:43:17

The menu plan is just suggestions. As long as you're having your healthy extras each day and sticking to a max of 15 syns, swap away!

PennyHasNoSurname Sat 16-Jan-16 08:51:10

You can have as many eggs as you like for as many days as you like. With the cereal they are a "B Choice" so dont remove them all together each day but either swap the time (bowl before bed or for lunch).or swap the B Choice - brown bread or ceetain cereal bars. Similarly the dairy - thats an "A choice" so you really ought to fill that quota per day rather than not having one day and doubling up the rest.

calzone Sat 16-Jan-16 08:54:57

Fallulah, come and join us on the SW support thread. You can ask all your questions and we will help you.

So the plan is very low fat.
1/3 plate to be filled with free vegetables ie salad, broccoli, carrots
Eat as much pasta, rice, meats and chicken, fish as you like.
On top of that, you can have 2 healthy extras. One of which is a milk/cheese one and the other is bread/cereals.
Include 5-15 syns per day.

This is the very basic plan. As you get to grips with it you will learn more and the switches you can make.

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