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deli1976 Fri 15-Jan-16 00:30:54

Is there anybody doing or done eesp days that would like to share recipes or how they found adjusting to that plan?. Much appreciated for any advise please

Colette Wed 20-Jan-16 15:30:26

deli I'm bumping as I am considering this too

WitchyPoos Wed 20-Jan-16 15:39:32

When I'm on the so sp days I have either eggs or beans (sometimes both) on toast (heb) for breakfast, fruit and yoghurt for dinner, and for tea I do stews, casseroles, or just bolognese with out the pasta, chilli without rice, slimming world sausage and carrot and swede mash. Burgers are good too, as you can have two heb and have a muffin as the heb.
Not my blog but was useful for ideas

FoofFighter Wed 20-Jan-16 21:23:05

yogurts need to be synned ones not free ones on SP plan (not entirely sure why tbh but they are)

Just make sure that 50% of your plate truly is protein source or you'll get hungry!

FoofFighter Wed 20-Jan-16 21:24:12

just remembered why re yoghurts - they aren't speed or protein. Thats why they need synning. Arla protein pots are quark based though so they are ok to use, as is quark itself, with something to sweeten it. the Arla are 1-1.5 syn depending which flavour.

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Wed 20-Jan-16 21:26:38

What does sp stand for

maygirl Thu 21-Jan-16 09:38:19

S for Speed, P for protein, you only eat these plus healthy extras.

I found the slimming mama blog
Helpful for sp meal plans, she has lost nearly 9 stone following EESP

maygirl Thu 21-Jan-16 09:48:24

The SW website advises having a free yogurt rather than a synned one if you really want one. But better to avoid them and have quark or cottage cheese which are Protein

FoofFighter Thu 21-Jan-16 10:56:10

have you a link for the yogurt advice? i didnt see tht?

FoofFighter Thu 21-Jan-16 10:57:40

Ahhh I see it - that's if you do the plan long term, not applicable to odd days or weeks here and there

Colette Thu 21-Jan-16 11:19:34

Thanks for all the tips and the links. I think this is exactly what I need.

I'm a bit confused about heb - can you have wholemeal bread ? Or should it be a heb with sp written by it eg. ryvita (yuk)

maygirl Thu 21-Jan-16 11:28:01

It's in the questions and answers bit in the extra easy sp feature.

The HeB don't need to be speed choices, but will get faster weight loss if you choose them . 1 hi fi instead of 2 for example!

ThedementedPenguin Thu 21-Jan-16 11:36:57

Yogurts are a no no on sp. they recommend not having them at all free or synned.
They say if you can't go without a free on is okay but for a proper sp day you shouldn't have yogurt.

Colette Thu 21-Jan-16 12:03:31

Thanks maygirl, that gives me nore flexibility . I've started today smile

WitchyPoos Thu 21-Jan-16 16:52:22

Oh I can't go without yoghurt with my fruit on sp days, fills me up more than just having fruit. My consultant said I should be ok with just one muller light with my fruit on an sp day, given what I would have for breakfast/tea, being speed meals. So technically I have a mostly sp day lol,
Im not right keen on quark. Minging on its own with fruit even with sweetner added. I only use it for making carbonara really, use it instead of fromage frais sometimes.

deli1976 Thu 21-Jan-16 16:59:46

On sp days i have been having the greek yogurt and syning it at 0.5 each....i would keep away from mullerlight as that has no syn value.
i did 4 sp days this week, 2 normal ee days and 1 day with 1/2 of it off also on star week and i only lost 0.5 this week

WitchyPoos Thu 21-Jan-16 17:02:35

Sometimes I have the Greek style mullers they are half a syn arnt they, love them ones especially the lemon

deli1976 Thu 21-Jan-16 18:01:02

How is everybody finding ap when you do it? A lot in my group explains they get very hungry, i seem to be ok.

deli1976 Thu 21-Jan-16 18:01:21

Sp sorry

franno1990 Thu 21-Jan-16 20:40:19

I start my SP days off with an all-day breakfast to try and fill myself up as much as possible. I wrote about it here:

Other than that a Shepard's pie made with swede and carrot mash goes down well later in the day.

deli1976 Thu 21-Jan-16 21:41:49

franno1990 had a read, i also do the overnight oats but never tried it with muller, always tend to be a bit dull and go for the natural yogurt and add the sweetener
i have been eating some melon for brekkie last couple of weeks

lighteningirl Thu 28-Jan-16 13:59:42

No yogurts on SP synced or otherwise if you can't live without yogurt do ee but.boost it with sp meals. If you're getting hungry you're doing it wrong half the plate protein half the plate Speed plus 2 b choices is really filling. I do one or two days a week when I've had a naughty weekend and it usually gets me back on track, if I want a yogurt I make sure not to have the second b then it's just a nice speedy ee day.

lighteningirl Thu 28-Jan-16 14:01:47

My fave sp meal is baked cod on a bed of puny lentils with roastedcherry tomatoes and broccoli. Veg soups are great snacks as well and I bulk them up with lentils/mixed beans

alleypalley Thu 28-Jan-16 14:36:53

My consultant said we can still have syns on sp days, is that what others have been told?

lighteningirl Thu 28-Jan-16 21:54:23

You can have syns but you can't syn a Free Food so 1/2 syn yogurt is still a yogurt so not allowed on a proper SP day

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