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I'm joining on Friday, do I need to tell them I'm pregnant?

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OohMavis Tue 12-Jan-16 10:07:04

Because I'd rather not... I'm only 8 weeks. And aside from the usual concerns leading up to the golden 12-week mark, the group leader is one of the mums at DS' school.

She's absolutely lovely and no doubt professional, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable her knowing. I had a miscarriage just before I conceived DD and I'm extra wary sad

Do I need to tell them straight away, or can it wait a month?

Arfarfanarf Tue 12-Jan-16 10:15:00

I found this.

Arfarfanarf Tue 12-Jan-16 10:16:36

Obviously you don't have to tell them if you don't want to, but they do do things differently for pregnant women.

OohMavis Tue 12-Jan-16 10:22:26

Thanks Arf, that's really helpful.

I have a couple of weeks yet before I see a midwife, so I'll tell them then. I'm 4 stone overweight so I doubt I'm in danger of becoming underweight before then grin

Arfarfanarf Tue 12-Jan-16 10:28:10

Well, if it happens, make sure you come back and share your secret! grin

Congratulations on your pregnancy. thanks

wowser3 Wed 13-Jan-16 01:42:05

well you'd have to tell them eventually when you start showing though ? No?

GeorgiaT2468 Sun 24-Jan-16 09:02:06

You should tell them really, I know your only early on but once you have registered with them and begin the plan they won't tailor your personal plan with babys best interests because they don't know your pregnant.

The pregnancy plan requires you to have more healthy extras and to consume certain things, if your not consuming them Hun baby won't be getting what it needs to grow and be healthy. Especially that your not 12 weeks yet I'd say not to make dietary changes to your body until after the 12 week mark. Any big changes in early stages can be more of a risk than any other time. Eat healthy but I'd be inclined to join s/w after 12 weeks or even after babys born to be honest. But do tell them lovey to keep baby safe, no amount of weight loss is worth increasing any risks.

Congratulations on baby news thankssmile Iv just had my baby, he's 5 weeks now xxxx

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