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Breakfast on Slimming World

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lostlalaloopsy Sun 03-Jan-16 21:17:18

What do you have for breakfast for SW? I'm not a big toast fan, and not really sure of what cereal I can eat.

Any suggestions? Thanks

RubbishChristmasName Sun 03-Jan-16 21:18:27

Quaker oat crisp is lovely with a little sweetener on and 35g is a HEB

fraggle84 Sun 03-Jan-16 21:19:08

Do you like cereal bars? Fruit? Slimming world pancakes? Eggs on toast? Ryvita & Philadelphia? Yoghurt?

fraggle84 Sun 03-Jan-16 21:19:48

What's sort of cereal would you normally have before you started?

Buttwing Sun 03-Jan-16 21:21:32

I don't like to use my heb for breakfast as I like to have to hifis later in the day with a cup of tea or in the evening.
I have things like fruit and yogurt, omelette with beans or a full English if I've got time.

ateacupofgin Sun 03-Jan-16 21:48:23

I make pancakes lots... Sounds odd but the sweet corn pancakes in the best loved book are fantastic for breakfast. I have with cherry toms and sometimes baked beans, sometimes extra hard boiled egg and chilli sauce syned, probably not for everyone but I do find a meal to start my day means I ignore the temptations of the donut trolley at 10am at work...

Super easy:
Blend 2/3 can sweet corn, 2 eggs, 3 spring onions chipped (or half an onion) with 2 tsp garam masala,
Add rest of sweet corn
Spray a frying pan with fry lite, put 4-5 spoonfuls on the pan, spaced apart and cook gently. Don't flip before the bottom is well cooked as the mix is very delicate.
Steve with chilli sauce, salad etc

ateacupofgin Sun 03-Jan-16 21:49:25

Serve with chilli sauce... No idea who Steve is grinconfused

calzone Sun 03-Jan-16 23:04:18

Bacon, egg and beans
Quorn sausages with spaghetti hoops
Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon
Soft boiled egg and soldiers
Fruit salad with fat free yoghurt
Overnight oats
Bacon sandwich
Full SW fry up with mushrooms and tomatoes
Hash browns and eggs
Crumpets and jam

calzone Sun 03-Jan-16 23:05:47

gin.....they sound lovely.
Gonna try those tomorrow.

lighteningirl Sun 03-Jan-16 23:08:58

Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion s sausages are Free and great with grilled tomatoes or mushrooms

ExplodingCarrots Sun 03-Jan-16 23:10:02

Granola (special k one, heb) with fat free natural yogurt. I add whatever fruit I have (strawberries, grapes)

ExplodingCarrots Sun 03-Jan-16 23:11:37

Breakfast pots. In a ramekin put a bacon medallion in the bottom, then beans and then crack an egg on top and oven bake for 15-20 minutes. I have them with mushroom and spinach.

AppleSnapple Mon 04-Jan-16 09:05:03

I microwave some frozen spinach then add to 2 eggs to scramble in microwave with a little splash of milk. Beans too if feel like it! On work days, 2 Alpen light bars, or 2 weetabix (both hexb, ideally like to avoid hexb til later, psychologically I like to think I haven't "used up" allowances so early in the morn!)

AppleSnapple Mon 04-Jan-16 09:06:06

Sweet corn pancakes sound fab- might even get my fussy 3 year old on to those, he adores sweet corn!

KittyOShea Mon 04-Jan-16 09:09:24

Scrambled eggs and mushrooms if time

If not 35g porridge (hexb) with yoghurt, cinnamon and fruit in winter, overnight oats in summer

KittyOShea Mon 04-Jan-16 09:09:48

Love the sound of the breakfast pots!

wonkylampshade Mon 04-Jan-16 09:12:40

Also love the sound of the pancakes! Might try them for lunch with some chicken and salad.

For breakfast, I usually have cereal (fruit and fibre) with natural yoghurt, splash of milk and a banana or blueberries.

I actually consider breakfast the most important meal of the day as if I start the day with toast (even as heb) I find I fall into an unhelpful pattern for the whole day.

ExplodingCarrots Mon 04-Jan-16 09:13:10

Kitty The hairy bikers also have a couple of similar recipes for breakfast pots. Don't know if they have them on their website. I found them in one of their hairy dieters books.

lighteningirl Mon 04-Jan-16 09:20:11

I'd forgotten those pancakes am having them tomorrow I also make them with grated courgette and a bit of gram flour (synned but goes a long way)

Wibblewobble100 Mon 04-Jan-16 09:38:14

These all sound amazing! Calzone, do you make your own hash browns? Do you have a recipe?

imwithspud Mon 04-Jan-16 10:15:30

I usually have Choc Chip Weetabix Mini's as my hexb.

emmaluvseeyore Mon 04-Jan-16 11:38:07

I have bran flakes (35g heB) with half my semi-skimmed milk heA allowance. My boyfriend has 35g of chocolate shreddies without milk for his breakfast. On the weekends we have cooked breakfast. The Tesco Healthy Living Cumberland sausages are only 1 syn each and taste really good.

ateacupofgin Mon 04-Jan-16 16:51:40

I ran out if time today so fry lited a quiche dish, tipped the mix in there and microwaved for 6 mins. More tortilla than pancake but really lovely and better than the other option of a flapjack!

Love the breakfast pot idea that is one for later in the week!

I agree about breakfast setting you up- if I start right the day just goes better. And I'd rather have a hi fi lite than a slice of toast!!

calzone Mon 04-Jan-16 22:46:01

2 McCain hash browns are 3 syns which I always think is rather good. However, there is a recipe for SW hash browns.....

calzone Mon 04-Jan-16 22:47:24


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