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Bloating OMG!

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ShortLass Thu 17-Dec-15 08:31:17

Only really getting into the SW regime this week and my stomach really hurts. Terrible bloating. Unsure why as a I often eat a lot of salad etc, so food choices not wildly different.

Anyway, had a search through some threads and came up with some possible culprits. So today there will be no hi-fi bar snack (some people have reported bloating with them). Also going to leave out my rice and chickpea salad, which is a shame as this keeps me dull in the afternoon, but tummy too painful today. Also, that's usually where my syns come from (adding olive oil and raisins). Hopefully this will clear it and I can add them back in one at a time and see which is causing the problem.

I normally drink loads anyway, but will add more water today.

I've been enjoying everyone's posts. I plan to join the support thread soon. And will update this as I hopefully solve my bloating issue.

ShortLass Fri 18-Dec-15 07:21:47

Tummy a bit better today. Tried to avoid bloating triggers yesterday. Ordinary planned dinner was replaced with large fish sushi from Asda (4s) and melon.

I have blow outs every so often and the trigger is not always obvious. I know brown bread is a danger. I think this time the problem may have been the overnight oats. They were a but dry by morning. The recipe I found said soak yogurt and fruit with oats overnight. But I've since found another which says soak in water then add yogurt. That might be better going forward.

Need to let my stomach settle down though. Thus means no trigger foods. So going to leave out the salad at lunch and avoid complex carbs which means a lot of the healthy b choices are out. I bought a pack of gluten free wraps (1is healthy b) but ai might be better off with nuts for a day.

Very annoying as I doing well with my eating plan.

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