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Behaving at Christmas

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MoodyMabel Tue 15-Dec-15 06:39:42

I'm dreading weigh ins over the next few weeks. Have one tonight - went out Saturday and downed too much vodka then ate pizza blush
Next week should be fine, but the one after Christmas and new year will be awful. Christmas Day I'm not counting Syns, it's Christmas your allowed to eat your body weight In food arnt you grin and New Year's Eve I'm out and New Year's Day going someone else's and is feeding me slap up roast dinner. Any tips on how to keep damage as little as possible? While still enjoying the festive period?
I've lost 2 stone 9 and still a few more stones to go. I don't want to be under the 2.5 stone mark again lol

ChessieFL Tue 15-Dec-15 07:47:16

Work out which meals/events you want to treat yourself then make sure all your other meals are syn free. Eat plenty of speed foods. Make overnight oats so you've got stuff for breakfast so aren't tempted to have something unhealthy.

tabulahrasa Tue 15-Dec-15 10:05:54

If you're having a day off, make sure they don't turn into days or a week off plan and don't be too strict the rest of the time...I mean be properly back on plan, but don't try too hard to compensate by restricting yourself too much as it usually backfires.

And if you have a gain because of Christmas but you're already back on the wagon, just be happy with that, that you're on track for a loss next time.

That works for me.

emmaluvseeyore Tue 15-Dec-15 10:23:33

I've decided that I'll be eating Christmas Dinner x 2 (Christmas Day and Boxing Day) plus one slice of apple pie and custard on Boxing Day. Aside from that, I'm sticking with it. I'm hoping the key to staying roughly on track is to not go completely overboard. If you want a drink, then fine, but maybe restrict it to a certain number? I think the hardest thing is not picking at all the chocolates, nuts etc that are lying around at Christmas.

I'm pretty sure everyone will put on over the holidays, but the key is to try and limit the gain. I'm going to try and do more exercise to compensate too, so going out for walks etc.

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