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Thinking of joining in the NY - are the 'weigh ins' public or private?

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BigSandyBalls2015 Fri 11-Dec-15 10:06:26

Didn't realise there was a Slimming World topic!

I'm thinking of joining in the NY, along with hundreds of other people prob after the xmas binge. I've never been keen on the whole idea of slimming clubs, and have managed to keep my weight fairly even by upping the exercise and cutting down over the years. But now I'm hurtling towards 50 it all seems a lot harder, and I think I weigh the same now as when I was about to give birth to twins blush

I'd love to lose about 2 stone. Are the weighing sessions private? Feel a bit embarrased going with friends and everyone being aware of each other's weight.

I'm envisaging 'Fat Club' on Little Britain, please tell me it's not like that grin.

purplepingu Fri 11-Dec-15 10:08:59

They never tell anyone your weight and no one other than the person who's weighing you can see the scales. They don't shame, it's all really positive and encouraging.

I've been going since September and lost 2 stone. I can't recommend it enough.

thatstoast Fri 11-Dec-15 10:11:18

The display on the scales is screened off. The person weighing you will write your weight in your book. They'll tell you if you've lost or gained x lbs. The consultant will tell the group how you've done but they'll never share your weight.

You can also sign up and get all the resources online. I prefer the group environment.

BigSandyBalls2015 Fri 11-Dec-15 10:20:05

Thanks, sounds better than I thought. How much is it?

ChessieFL Fri 11-Dec-15 12:27:46

It's £9.95 to join but there's usually a half price voucher in a magazine - look at Bella, Best, Woman etc. Then it's £4.95 per session but you can buy sessions in bulk then you get a couple of free weeks. I don't know what the prices are for online membership.

emmaluvseeyore Fri 11-Dec-15 15:19:20

I've been an online member since April and lost 3 stones so far. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who doesn't have time to go to a group or for people who don't think a group is good for them. I'm busy when all my local groups meet, so find online much easier.

There are 3 levels of online membership. Bronze is the basic one which is currently £60 for 3 months. Silver is only £65 and you get the magazine subscription. Then Gold is £80 which gives you the Food Optimizing and Body Magic books on top of the Silver package. I personally did the Silver one as it is well worth it to get magazine subscription. You then get deals on extending your membership.

I know you probably aren't meant to do this, but my partner and mum have my login details so they can access all the info on the website without joining themselves.

FlopIsMyChristmasGuru Mon 14-Dec-15 12:39:03

If you can make it to a group then I'd recommend it as people are consistently more successful when they attend a group, although there are obviously plenty of people who are successful doing online only.
I joined in June and am three pounds off my four stone award. Trying to be extra good to get it before Christmas!

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