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I can't get/keep motivated & have terrible will power- any tips?

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MoJo1002 Fri 11-Dec-15 04:55:21

Hi all,

I'm so desperate to loose weight, I look in the mirror and think 'no that's not me' 'when did that happen' 'how did I let that happen' but I just can't get/keep motivated and my will power is abysmal. Every day I think 'I'm starting SW today' and before I know it I've had a cup of tea and half a pack of digestives. Then I feel terrible with and about myself that what do I do ... Eat more rubbish. It's a vicious cycle.
Does anyone have any tips to keep motivated ?

Penguin000 Fri 11-Dec-15 07:27:13

Sounds like I could have written your post!I can't seem to get through a day on plan lately either, I don't understand it as I'm so unhappy with myself so you would think that would be all the motivation I need!

My tips would be plan and be organised and post here before hitting the biscuits! Good luck!

Nishky Fri 11-Dec-15 07:33:55

Much as I hate sound bites 'you don't plant to fail, you fail to plan'

I have lost 4 stone on SW ( on the third attempt so I do know about self-sabotage'

I didn't have biscuits in the house at first, bought all the SW friendly stuff so that was all there was. For a sweet tooth the hi-Fi bars are good.

I wrote down everything I ate for the first few months- usually before I ate it so I could see what the syns would be and change if necessary.

Don't beat yourself up though.

Nishky Fri 11-Dec-15 07:34:16

Sorry 'PLAN' not plant !

emmaluvseeyore Fri 11-Dec-15 09:51:25

If possible, remove anything tempting from the house. I know that is difficult if you have a family who want some treats though. I've lost 3 stones now, but it is difficult. I'm lucky that my partner is also doing SW with me and we don't have a family yet, so it has been quite easy to remove all the naughty stuff!

As others have said, I do SO much better when I've planned my meals for the week. When I have a little slip, I go back to writing down what I'm eating because it's normally caused by eating too many syns.

ChessieFL Sat 12-Dec-15 08:16:19

Are you going to a group? That may help - the knowledge that I'm weighing in each week helps keep me on track. I wouldn't stick to it doing it by myself online. Plus you get the support from the group - our consultant has a Facebook group and people post on there when they're struggling to get ideas and encouragement.

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