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What do you have with soup?

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happygelfling Mon 19-Oct-15 08:46:16

I have made some soup (syn free!) but I don't think it's filling enough on its own. I would previously have had a thick crusty doorstop slice of bread with it but that's too many syns now. Any ideas for alternatives please? Thanks!

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Mon 19-Oct-15 09:31:28

Well I might have a small slice of whole meal toast but to be honest I find it's a bit insubstantial and prefer to bulk up the soup with rice, lentils, beans or potatoes. What soup are you having?

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Mon 19-Oct-15 09:32:12

And I have a huge bowl of it too.

Looking forward to my "leftovers" soup at lunch now grin

happygelfling Mon 19-Oct-15 12:46:42

It's pumpkin soup - made with an enormous pumpkin from our garden... And there are more where it came from so there will be a lot more soup...
Thanks for the ideas.

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Mon 19-Oct-15 13:19:21

For pumpkin soup I would add some red lentils or split peas. They will make it lovely and creamy.
Now I always try to cook a roast at the weekend so I have leftovers for soup so I would add a bit of leftover ham too.
Both will really bulk up your soup and make it more filling.
Oh now I want your soup!

happygelfling Mon 19-Oct-15 17:38:52

That sounds great! I'll try that with the next batch. The rest of my family still have bread along side the soup but maybe I can convert them... My MIL suggested some special pasta that's meant to go in soups, but I've not managed to find it. Have you come across that pasta at all?

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Mon 19-Oct-15 17:48:07

Yeah. There's a few.
You can get mini macaroni which works. Ive got margheritine from tesco (looks like mini shells) in the cupboard at present though I prefer rice or pearl barley so it doesn't get used much. There's also orzo pasta that looks like rice.
So quite a few.
If desperate break up some uncooked spaghetti

Skippedthelightfandango Mon 19-Oct-15 17:56:07

I don't do SW and am clueless about syns.

However I would never have bread, but would put stuff in it depending on how calorific I want it to be. So crispy bacon bits, stir fried kale, chopped up chicken, finely chopped hard boiled egg - any of these sometimes more than one. With the "bits" added I don't need bread.

happygelfling Tue 20-Oct-15 23:34:02

I've put orzo pasta on this week's online shop so I'll try it out.
I like the adding bits ideas; I quite often put bacon in -anything- soup but I haven't tried chopped up egg.
Thanks for the ideas.

Pisghetti Fri 23-Oct-15 19:53:30

Curry loaf or muffins are popular in my group and would work well with pumpkin soup I think? Off the top of my head it's a packet of mild curry savoury rice, eggs and a tin of free chickpea dhal mixed and baked in a loaf tin or muffin tray for 40 mins. Will see if I can dig out the recipe as I'm not sure if the rice is made up first or not.....

Pisghetti Fri 23-Oct-15 20:05:03

Recipe here

Deedeecupcake Mon 26-Oct-15 22:21:02

I have my ryvita with my soup (heb). I never end up using the 4 of them because the soup and 2 is just enough.

foxybayee03 Wed 28-Oct-15 11:52:49

Im going to try that Pisghetti...sounds great.

Sheepasaurus Fri 20-Nov-15 22:51:19

I have potato wedges with my soup.

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