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Slimming world -social team

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Marzipanface Wed 07-Oct-15 14:22:24

can anyone tell me what the perks are to being on the SW social team? Is purely voluntary? Thank you smile

Bluecarrot Wed 07-Oct-15 14:25:58

None when I did it! Was hoping for a discount on hifi bars or something, but nope. Nothing. I only did it for 2 months then stopped as it was 4 hours of sitting around ( 2 classes one after the other)

Marzipanface Wed 07-Oct-15 14:33:45

Blimey! I was expecting something from the massive recruitment drive and pressure to join from my local consultant. It's not a charity but her business! I thought I was missing something like a discount or free week!

WheresMyCow Wed 07-Oct-15 14:37:43

Our consultant gives us the magazine each month and we get a present off her at Christmas smile

But I only do the one group each week, so a couple of hours and it makes me stay to group so helps me stay in target.

OrianaBanana Wed 07-Oct-15 15:52:02

We get the magazine free, plus I love my consultant and she could never manage everything on her own. Objectively it is a bit of a swizz as it's her business and without the mag I'd be working for free (even with the mag it's a lousy hourly rate!) but I like feeling useful. smile

ChessieFL Sun 11-Oct-15 06:19:39

We also get the magazine free, and a free strip of raffle tickets each week. It also ensures I go to group each week even when I'd rather not face the scales!

calzone Sun 11-Oct-15 15:52:29


Got a free badge with my name on it but she complained it cost £3.75!!!!!

Tis a swizz really because it is her business, she couldn't do the job without us.....the only thing she has to really do is make sure the scales are right and at our group they are always wrong.

Apparently I gained 6.5lbs last week which is completely wrong.

DreamRabbit Sun 11-Oct-15 18:40:59

A consultant at a previous group I went to gave her social team free membership - everyone was really keen to do it!

Not sure about my current group; I know she takes them all out to dinner occasionally.

ThedementedPenguin Mon 19-Oct-15 12:28:17

I'm on the social Team and I Get the magazine free.
I actually enjoy doing it as I'm not great socially so it gives me something to do and I get to do small talk over and over (which I'm comfortable with) I only do it for the class I go to.

calzone Sun 22-Nov-15 10:52:34

Scales are now right again in our group and she let us all have a free magazine and box of HIfi bars.

It makes me stay , being on the team. Have made friends and love the banter. smile

cowboylover Tue 24-Nov-15 22:46:45

I am on the social team and do the weighting for my group which is the last of 3, I wouldn't stay for any other classes but I enjoy being part of the team and other peoples journey.

We get a tshirt and a book when they are new out.

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