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Hex a / b etc ... Does it matter if you don't use them?

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WoodyNLol Sun 16-Aug-15 20:53:34

I read in a forum that if you don't use your healthy extras you can delay weight loss?? Thing is I don't eat bread and I'm not a fan of cereal so most days I won't use the hex's. Does it matter? Should I make an effort to include them?

Onedayverysoon Mon 17-Aug-15 02:44:47

You could try nuts and seeds?

emmaluvseeyore Mon 17-Aug-15 09:34:38

They are included so you get enough of the nutrients contained within dairy and bread/cereal. I think you should make an effort to include them so that you aren't depriving yourself of those nutrients. It is all part of getting a balanced diet.

WorktoLive Mon 17-Aug-15 12:43:13

I can't see how it can delay weight loss and you could be getting plenty of fibre anyway if you are eating lots of fruit, veg and pulses.

Nuts, seeds or dried fruit could be another way to use your HEB choice or there are some soups with lots of pulses in the book - you could try these?

Do you eat dairy? I love cheese so find it easy to have far too much of that.

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