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Can anyone recommend work friendly breakfast and lunch for tomorrow?

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WoodyNLol Sun 16-Aug-15 17:44:15

I have some of those little bags of fruit from asda - I'm thinking I could eat one them and a mullet light for breakfast - is that enough though?

For lunch I have left over chicken ... Any easy recipes that I can make up tonight and microwave tomorrow welcome!

Lilacflower Sun 16-Aug-15 18:15:08

Mix the muller light with a sachet of porridge tonight and by tomorrow it'll have all soaked up. It's really tasty. I have that with fruit mixed through and it keeps you going til lunch. No syns if you use porridge as a healthy extra.

Lunch - cous cous with roast veg through it ? salad ? tuna pasta ? soup ? Depends what you have at work to cook with - baked potato and beans is always good if you have a microwave

Lilacflower Sun 16-Aug-15 18:16:49

Just saw you have a microwave. Chicken salad or a chicken flavour savoury rice with the chicken mixed in ? Roast chicken with potato skins ? Loads grin

WoodyNLol Sun 16-Aug-15 20:51:28

Thanks guys :-) I've made a chicken and spinach pasta salad for lunch and I'll have fruit and yogurt for brekkie :-)

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