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nightmare weekend can I pull this back ?

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What2do1984 Sun 16-Aug-15 11:20:16

party friday night, bbq last night and another today , and a lot of alcohol consumed arghhhh help me , I only lost on weigh in on my first week and im.afraid I have most likely gained that back after this weekend

hugoagogo Sun 16-Aug-15 11:24:50

I've not done sw, but you will lose weight eventually if you keep going, keeping going is absolutely key.

2lb in a week is a really good loss, well done.

What2do1984 Sun 16-Aug-15 11:26:25

thank you I just need to stay away from the sausages !!!

emmaluvseeyore Sun 16-Aug-15 14:16:33

BBQs can be really good on SW if you plan in advance and take good food with you. I had a BBQ last week and made my own burgers and some lovely chicken kebabs using a recipe off the SW website. Lots of salad and fruit to accompany it meant it was virtually syn free. I had a little bit of coleslaw and some ketchup which added to the syns, but it was much less than I used to have. If you want sausages, the Heck Chicken Italian ones are low on syns, as are the Tesco Healthy Living Cumberland ones.

WorktoLive Sun 16-Aug-15 14:30:35

When's your weigh in day? If it's Monday, it might not help, but whenever it is, if you stick to plan 100% until then, and perhaps have some SP days, and only have 5 syns a day, the good should outweigh the bad and you could still lose.

It sounds like you've only had 3 meals off plan, so you hopefully still have 18 meals on plan. So you could still lose, but even if you do show a gain, it's not necessarily all fat, it could be fluid.

Just keep going and do the best you can - as hugo says, it'll come off eventually - it's not a race and we have to learn to cope with such events.

Stay to group and when it's your turn to talk, ask for help with dealing with social events. If you have any control over the food served, make sure there's loads of lean meat and salad - have you tried the SW range at Iceland - there's burgers, sausages and meatballs that are all syn free. Plus you can do things like marinated chicken breast etc. If you have bread and cheese make sure it counts as your HE choices.

For alcohol - try and alternate with still/sparkling water or diet soft drinks. Spirits and diet mixers offer the best 'value' syn wise - ie the most booze per syn.

Also think of your syn allowance as weekly. Eg have 5 syns per day for most of the week, this means you could easily have 35 a day on Friday and Saturday and stay within the 5-15 a day guideline on average.

What2do1984 Sun 16-Aug-15 20:33:48

wel I started well with melon and fat free yogurt but lunch I had a burger and 2 ciders gaaaaaaah now sat with a wine ffs someone slap me lol

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