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Chocolate bars: working out syns for a square.

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ThursFriHappy Fri 14-Aug-15 19:04:33

Bought a 200g bar of Dairy Milk for during the week instead of wine and need to work out the syn value of a square.

Would it be 2 syns, being a 200g bar, or is that wrong?

Can only find syns for 140g and 230g bars in my food directory.

Can't count for toffee!!

MrMacadoo Fri 14-Aug-15 19:31:17

what I would do is divide the syn count by the bar size then multiply by the amount of grams you have.

so if a 230g bar is 20 syns for example I would divide 20 by 230 then multiply by the bar size I wanted to calculate, in this case 200g. so 20 divided by 230 multiplied by 200.

then I would divide the syns of the total bar by the number of squares.
hope that makes sense and is the right way to work it out grin

ThursFriHappy Sun 16-Aug-15 12:31:14

Thanks Mrmacadoo, got dh to work that out for me because I'm useless lol. He worked it out at almost 1 syn per square.

Hope that's right because I want to replace the wine I was drinking with chocolate instead grin

ThedementedPenguin Mon 17-Aug-15 12:23:37

With sweets and crisps you can use the 20 calories = 1 syn as a guideline.

This only works for junk food. It's a very handy way of keeping track

ThursFriHappy Mon 17-Aug-15 19:23:22

Thanks also, thedementedpenguin.
Looking forward to having some chocolate later smile

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