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Second time slimmer - maintain the day before weigh in?

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moonalesca Sun 09-Aug-15 11:58:44

Hello, first post here. smile
It's been over a year since I was last a member with Slimming World and I lost over three stone (and then gained it all back plus interest when I left). I rejoined last Monday and I've gotten into the habit of weighing myself every other day on my bathroom scales. It's the day before weigh-in now and I still weigh the same as I did on Wednesday, but I've been following the plan correctly. I've had my 25 Syns or less each day (I'm male) and haven't gone over, but my weight doesn't seem to have changed. I know I shouldn't weigh myself midweek because of this exact reason but I'm concerned that I'm not going to have lost weight. sad

Purplevicki Sun 09-Aug-15 12:34:28

Also - are you being totally honest and recording as you eat?

Are you filling up on the high density food? Are you eating enough Speed food? Are you eating enough in general? What about protein? The right number of hex a & b choices?

Maybe double check to see if you fully understand the formula!

Purplevicki Sun 09-Aug-15 12:35:13

Bin the scales!

moonalesca Sun 09-Aug-15 13:10:53

Absolutely 100% positive. I've been filling up on rice, pasta, pork, beef, chicken, vegetables - everything I've eaten has gone down on my food diary. I've been snacking on bananas, Muller Light yoghurts, Hi-Fi bars, caramel Snack-A-Jacks, Alpen Light bars. It's all been under my 25 Syns limit and I've always had my HExA and B.

Rachie1986 Sun 09-Aug-15 16:21:44

I put on 0.5pounds in my first week!

Have you had enough speed food?

moonalesca Sun 09-Aug-15 16:37:18

I think I have. But I've just checked my food diary and double checked the foods I've written down and it seems that Tesco Everyday Value chicken roll is 1 Syn per slice - I've always thought it was Free and I've had it regularly this week! I knew something felt off! :O

MrMacadoo Sun 09-Aug-15 19:56:21

are you sure you are meant to be having 25 syns a day? I thought men were meant to have 5-15 as well

moonalesca Sun 09-Aug-15 20:20:07

It's what my consultant told me last week. I'm probably better off just sticking to 15 Syns a day from now on. It worked wonderfully for me when I joined in September 2013.

MrMacadoo Sun 09-Aug-15 21:03:42

I Googled it out of interest and there seems to be conflicting advice out there. My consultant told us that men don't get a higher syn allowance but if you are 16 stone or more (I can't remember the exact weight) then you are allowed a few extra syns, then you have the standard 5-15 when you are under that.

Good idea to keep to about 15, hope you are pleasantly surprised at your weigh in smile

moonalesca Sun 09-Aug-15 21:15:41

I weigh much, much more than sixteen stone, so I probably am allowed a few extra Syns. Either way, when I originally had between 5 and 15 Syns a day, I'd usually see losses anywhere between 3lbs and 6lbs a week.

annielostit Mon 10-Aug-15 06:54:18

In terms of the plan extra syns is not the way forward.15 equates to a couple of chocolate bars.
A man who got to target last week was informed to stick with the plan, add an another b choice and plenty of speed not syns.

moonalesca Mon 10-Aug-15 21:33:58

Just had my first weigh-in and I lost 6lbs! :D
My consultant has confiscated my scales for me and I know now to avoid Tesco's evil chicken roll!

ChessieFL Tue 11-Aug-15 18:41:58

Well done moonalesca!

TeddyBear5 Tue 11-Aug-15 18:43:13

Well done!

Buttwing Tue 11-Aug-15 19:16:33

Well done!! I was coming on to say ditch the scales there is no benefit to weighing yourself everyday. I used to do it all the time and I find my weightloss is much better since I've got rid of them.

ohthegoats Fri 14-Aug-15 10:18:40

I have used scales everyday to try and prove something I have long suspected - that bread makes me gain weight. The day after I eat bread, 1 - 3 lbs on. Every single time. It goes off again, but obviously it causes me to bloat up a bit. Now I've worked that out I'm not going to weigh myself apart from at the meeting. Going to avoid bread though!

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