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Sabotaging self... Help

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Classroomblues Sun 02-Aug-15 21:46:45

I need to lose weight... It's not an option now of not going doing it, I have to.
Have been going a few weeks and lost 5lb. Was hoping to get my half stone award this week but feel I am rebelling against the plan and myself and just eating crap.

I get weighed in 4 days.... Can i pull it back and lose 2 lbs?

I have a terribly sweet tooth and just want proper cakes!!!

Only1scoop Sun 02-Aug-15 21:49:38

Feel your pain....however I did just that last week. Weighed in on Thursday ....was awful until Monday. Followed plan from then and lost 2lb's still.

annielostit Mon 03-Aug-15 08:57:46

I hear you. Do it 2 days a weekend myself.
Don't think of sw as a plan but gentle change of your way of eating. Changing your mindset towards the crap is a must. Crisps, fried, sweet foods aren't really that nicegrin
Do you plan your meals or think about it when it's mealtime. Planning is the key, you might not reach for rubbish if youve something nice planned for your next meal.
Maybe Keep some tasty quiche snack or soup in the fridge to take the edge off.
Do you allow a small proper cake in your syns? I find adding a low syned treat in the evening helps. Mine is a chocolate mallow, I can pick off the chocolate and stretch it.
Take each day as it comes plan with healthy free foods because you can do it.x

Classroomblues Mon 03-Aug-15 11:57:17

Thanks. smile

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