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Syns help ASAP please, Lidl Braemoor Sweet Chilli Chicken breasts

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BellaOfTheBalls Tue 21-Jul-15 17:49:52

I've got these in the fridge & need to use them up, seems a shame to throw them out. They look like they should be low syn but I've been caught out by this before & I cannot for the life of me find any details on them

Lidl Braemoor Sweet Chilli Chicken breasts, from the chiller cabinet. Please help!

MrMacadoo Tue 21-Jul-15 19:03:27

if you have access to the website you can enter the nutritional information and it will give you the syn value

emwithme Tue 21-Jul-15 19:36:30

I can't find them either (either in the book or the website), but if you have the info you can add them. The piri piri ones are coming up as 1.5 syns for 200g.

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