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lels99 Fri 10-Jul-15 09:50:50


I'm new to slimming world. We're having a bbq this weekend can anyone suggest a few recipes, tips etc that can help me stay on track please?

MrMacadoo Fri 10-Jul-15 12:16:36

bbqs are great on SW. I tend to make coleslaw and potato salad using the extra light mayonnaise and fromage frais (recipe on website I think) and things like chicken and veg kebabs. I steer clear of sausages unless I have the heck chicken Italia which are half a syn each. also the SW burgers from Iceland aren't bad but I found the Thai chicken ones a bit rubbery. Bbq corn on the cob and loads of salad and that's me sorted!

I tend to keep away from processed foods or shop bought coleslaw and dressings

WorktoLive Fri 10-Jul-15 15:25:21

The Heck chicken Italia sausages are lovely. In my group they said that the SW burgers stuck on the BBQ probably due to being low fat so maybe spray them with oil before cooking?

Whether dieting or not, our BBQs usually include skewers with marinated chicken and peppers and onions on. Either tikka spice and yogurt or pinchito spice. Accompany with salad rather than bread unless a wholemeal B choice.

When making the spice, I put half the amount of salt in as their recipe is too salty. No need to bother with the saffron unless you already have it as it is ££££s.

Basically you need to stay away from high fat sausages and burgers, bread, dips and salads unless home made low fat, and crisps/nibbly stuff unless within your syn allowance. BBQs are easy on SW as long as you have the discipline to avoid anything non SW friendly. Save your syns for a drink or two.


lels99 Sat 11-Jul-15 19:14:04

thanks, survived with no syns used, now trying not to blow it all out the window with too much pimms

emmaluvseeyore Mon 13-Jul-15 11:47:03

I always make my own burgers using extra lean mince. They are so much nicer than processed ones! Bit of mince, some finely chopped onion and any herbs/spices you fancy. I tend to add a bit of egg to them when I do them on the BBQ as it helps prevent them from breaking up.

Bit late for your BBQ now, but may help in the future!

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