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MrsLomax29 Sun 05-Jul-15 23:16:31

Please help me, I am on my first week of Slimming World and at 17st 11lb desperate to make this work!
I have probably timed the starting of this diet wrong as its our 1st wedding anniversary today and we are staying in a B & B at the seaside!
I hadnt felt too good all morning so when we arrived at 4pm we were hungry, we went to a wetherspoons pub as I thought there would be something on the menu, I ordered the superfood pasta with added chicken breast. Imagine my horror after I managed to finally log onto the network to find this dish of total blandness was 17 syns!!!!! Where were these syns? There was little or no dressing on, it didnt taste oily or buttery or anthing yummy about it!
I havent had my healthy extras today as I wasnt feeling well, but I really dont want to count 17 syns for that awful excuse for a meal! Anyone know why it should be 17 syns?? Xxx

VodkaValiumLattePlease Mon 06-Jul-15 23:36:19

The chicken is 9 syns by itself due to the oil, it's a pesto pasta so that's quite high Syn due to the oil.

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