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How does this work?

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Bluetonic123 Thu 02-Jul-15 22:45:04

I wants to lose a stone. I have done myfitnesspal before and it worked but have no motivation for it at the moment so I want to try something different. I am intrigued by slimming world but have some questions about how it works that I hope you can answer.

Do you have a list of free foods and build your diet around them?
What is the significance of different colour days?
Is it just low calorie/carb dressed up or something different?
How does it fit in with having a social life?

Bluetonic123 Thu 02-Jul-15 22:47:27

Also what are speed foods?

Dollydewdrop21 Fri 03-Jul-15 07:35:12

Ho bluetonic. SW is amazing! Basically you can eat as much lean meat, egg, pasta,rice, potato, fruit and veg, fat free yog as you like (free foods). As long as 1/3 of your plate is filled with speed foods (these are most fruit and veg but you will get a list when joining). The things you weigh and measure are your A choice - milk or cheese and your b choice - bread and cereal. You should use 5-15 syns a day on things like chocolate, alcohol, olive oil etc. There are no colour days anymore just extra easy. Get yourself to a group - you wont be sorry! I lost 4 1/2 stone in 10 months. Its not really a diet, just healthy eating so its easy to work your social life around it.

Bluetonic123 Fri 03-Jul-15 14:11:54

Thanks so much that's really helpful. I think I'd do it online rather than in a group.

I am 5 foot 4 and 11 stone with quite a big frame so not massively overweight but I look and feel much better at 10 stone so want to get back there.

You weight loss is amazing! I think I need my syns for wine and cheese. I am not too fussed about bread and chocolate :-)

It sounds good because although I find calorie counting works it is just too much effort and is so dull! I hate measuring everything I eat.

Dollydewdrop21 Fri 03-Jul-15 18:07:01

Good luck to you. SW is easy because it fits in with a busy/social lifestyle. If you dont mind cooking things from scratch you will be fine.

WorktoLive Mon 06-Jul-15 09:51:43

I find the social life/eating out aspect of SW the hardest to cope with. At home I mostly cook from scratch so that aspect has been easy - just use stock or oil in a spray bottle to 'fry' stuff and keep the fat content right down (I don't bother with frylight).

I'm not really one for big portions but it's the lack of weighing and calorie counting that I like.

However, when eating out, you often find that you have no idea how things have been cooked, or the portion size so syns are hard to gauge, or if you are at a party and faced with something like a buffet, it could be that there is almost no 'free' food and you would have had 10+ syns after a couple of bites if it's the sausage rolls, white bread and mayo sandwiches type of affair.

I also see eating out as a treat/occasion, so you should choose something you want to eat not what you think is lowest syn. However I don't eat out that often (once a week or less) so I just stick to the plan for the rest of the week so one meal out of 21 doesn't effect my weight loss - have lost every week and I only had about 15-20 pounds to lose at the start.

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