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Does anyone do a mix of Extra easy and green days?

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LuckyAugust Mon 29-Jun-15 09:39:53

As title says, after my failed attempt at SW last week I'm thinking of maybe splitting my week and having 3 extra easy days and 4 green days. I'm not a big meat eater but I do like fish and I like to sometimes have cereal for breakfast plus a slice of toast for supper if I've had an early tea with the kids (thats why I failed last week) Hoping this would still result in a weight loss though, opinions most welcome....... Also does anyone know of any mobile apps which are a bit like the syns food directory?

emmaluvseeyore Mon 29-Jun-15 12:03:55

I can't help with the mixture bit as I have never done the old plan. However, there is nothing wrong with you having cereal for breakfast and a slice of toast later on, as long as you count the syns. I have bran flakes for breakfast and count them as my Healthy Extra, but I always weigh them to make sure I have the right portion. If you did the same, then you would just need to count the syns for your toast.

If you are finding you would rather use the syns for something else, then maybe try having something else for a snack instead?

LuckyAugust Mon 29-Jun-15 20:20:10

Thanks Emma thanks . I do indeed like to save my syns for other things (chocolate!). I think I'm going to try a mix of days though just to see if it works.

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