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Anyone lost weight without meal planning?

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exactchange Mon 22-Jun-15 22:42:23

Find it really hard to meal plan as I am so disorganized and have a two year old with health issues (meaning I can't always shop or cook when I intend to). Is it absolutely necessary to plan?

Crouchendmumoftwo Mon 22-Jun-15 22:59:41

I dont plan i have to make sure there is food to eat in the fridge. I have Linda McCartney sausages (frozen) in the fridge as a back up if I have no food and a bag of Kale lying around (usually for a week). Eggs and mushrooms and smoked salmon so i can rustle up an omlette and baked beans. Just make sure you have some staples in so you can eat something but i dont tend to meal plan. Also my husband is on a protein rich muscle building diet, my son is mr meat and potatoes and my daughter is miss veggie sophisticate so we all eat different meals - arrrghhhhhhh!

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